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  • Ant Colonies in your yard

What is an Ant Colony?

Unraveling the Mysteries of Ant Colonies: More Than Just a Picnic Nuisance Ants, those tiny six-legged creatures we often spot marching in neat lines at
Blowflies in your home

Keep BlowFlies out of Kansas City Home

Keep BlowFlies out of Kansas City Home Appearance Color: Adult blow flies are often metallic, while larvae are pale in color. Characteristics: Adults have sponge-like
Jaro spider in Kansas City

Invasive Spiders Spread Across US

There are several invasive spider species that have spread across the United States in recent years, causing concern among experts and the general public. Some

    How To Get Rid of Fleas Fast

    Exterminate Fleas from Home Fast If you have a furry friend at home, you might have encountered these pesky little insects: fleas. Fleas are tiny
    kissing bug

    Do Kissing Bug actually Kiss

    Do Kissing Bugs Bite Why do we call this infamous bug the kissing bug? Do they kiss? The answer is no. They do not kiss.
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