Stink Bug In Your Home

How to get rid of stink bugs

There is a lot of bugs in this world. There are hundreds of places for them to live. However, they continue to want to live with us. Who wants to live with a bug! No matter what we do, a bug will enter your home like clockwork. As most bugs disappear as the weather gets colder, one bug prevails. The stink bugs. These bugs don’t harm us in that they don’t bite or sting. They are not likely to have and infestation outburst over a few days and they are easy to catch. With all the nice things said, we want them out the house.

We all have been victim to stink bugs every year. Especially during the winter months. Why do you keep getting stink bugs? Read the following article for some very helpful tips. Apply a few steps you will see a decrease of stink bugs in your home. Follow all the steps, you will end up stink bug free.

What Are Stink Bugs?

These common and abundant stink bugs are active from spring through fall on many trees and shrubs, including beeches, hazels, chokeberries, dogwoods, honeysuckles, and various fruit trees. Adults overwinter in sheltered warm places and begin to emerge in the spring to lay more eggs.

Stink bugs will feed on garden crops and even crops that bare nut. They can quickly destroy crops and make them unfit for sale. Although you may not be affected by stink bugs, but, if you are a gardener then you may want to make a plant to get rid of this pesky pest.

Why Do Stink Bugs Invade Homes?

Just like all insects and animals, they seek shelter in homes for the warmth and food. You may see a few in your home. Stink bugs do not multiply fast like roaches and bedbugs. They are not likely to become an infestation like the pest just mentioned.

Just because you see stink bugs in your home it is very unlikely you would need assistance from an exterminator. Most of the time you can handle stink bugs on your own and it’s not that hard to eliminate them from your home. I will outline six ways to help you get rid of stink bugs without crushing them and giving off a fragrance you do not want in your home.

Top Six Ways to Get Rid of Stink Bugs

The methods outlined will help you get rid of the stink bugs. Most of the time it is minor and just doing a few of the tips may be all you need to solve the problem. If some of these methods don’t help, then you may need to use all methods described below to eradicate the stinky little hard butt bugs.

Change The Lighting

Stink bugs are attracted to light much like the mosquito. We all keep lights on at night for various reasons. Lights are what we call a fly light. It attracts bugs right to your front porch which gives them easy access to your front door or cracks around it.

So, if you are noticing stink bugs at night. Turn of the light as the sun settles. Try leaving them off overnight. People have all types of lighting such as, decorative lighting and string lighting. All these lights look good, but they attract bugs of all kinds…especially the stink bug.

Eliminate Cracks and Crevices

Cracks and Crevices is what bugs count on to gain entrance into your home. The smallest crack and crevice are all the stink bugs need to squeeze into your home. It is a good idea to inspect your home for foundation cracks are trees (touching your home) and bushes that are too close to your home. These are common mistakes that will allow sting bugs easy access to your home if you don’t caulk them out.

Make sure you keep your bushes trimmed because the stink bugs love to hide in the shrubs. This is their favorite hiding spots. While you are at the working stage…seal and fix screens and replace weather strappings around your doors. You would be surprised as how your door separates from the frame. around doors.

Don’t Leave Food Laying Out

As the cold weather sets in the first thing is to find warmth, which is your house. However, if you leave food laying around then the bug has it made. Food is the second thing it is looking for. Warmth and food. If you have a habit of cleaning in next day and leaving the food source overnight, the stink bug will have a full course meal. Get into a habit of cleaning your food source and storing it away correctly. Not only will that detour stink bugs but any other insect too.

Check Items Coming Inside From Storage

It is routine for homeowners to change out the outside decorations to whatever the season represents. As you change the seasonal decor you most likely would be harboring a stink bug. They love to hide in storage bins, especially the ones stored in the basement, garage or attic. Get into a habit of inspecting your seasonal items as you change them over. Stink bugs are great hitchhikers.

Install Screens Over Outside Vents

One of the forgotten methods of preventing stinkbugs is access through chimneys, dryer vents, and various vents in your roof lines. Fine mesh screening would do the trick to keep them out. Stink bugs can easy slip through the vents and gain entry into your home.

Use Essential Oils

Truly Green Pest Service knows that stink bugs cannot stand the smell of certain essential oils like clove, tea tree, and peppermint. To effectively treat for stink bugs, try mixing 10 to 20 drops of essential oil into a cup of water and place into a spray bottle. Spray all window seals and doorways with the solution and it will act as a repellant causing the stinkbugs to run in horror!



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