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Queen Ants

How The Queen Ant Operates

How the Queen Ant Rules Her Colony You know queen “B”…not Beyonce. Well… there is a queen in every insect colony. Ants have a queen too. Their job is to keep the colony in business…in other words produce more ants to keep the colony alive. Related > All About Insect
How to get rid of mice

Eight Best Ways To Get Rid of Mice

Eight Best Ways to Get Rid of Mice Learning to eliminate mice begins with one particular preference: want to carry out acts the simple means or the tough means? Assisting get rid of mice is as simple as generating one phone call up to Truly Green Pest Control expert, if
Do Ants Bite-Truly Green Pest control

Ant Stings and Bites

Ant Stings and Bites Ant stings with many different types of ants have been known to bite, the main reactions are bought on due to the sting and the ensuing injectant of t the sting. Additionally, harvester ants and fire ants can pose a medical threat because their target is
Fleas in winter - Truly Green Pest Service

Fleas in The Winter

Winter Time Is Best Time To Prepare for Fleas It is true that when the weather gets cold certain pest die or go dormant.  Not all pest die during this time. Certain pest deserves more attention all year long. One pest that is certain to plague us year long is
Ants in Kitchen

Ants In My Kitchen

Ants In My Kitchen This has been a very cold winter here in the midwest. Especially here in Kansas City.  You might think during that the  cold spell we just had … what could possibly live.  Temperatures were below zero for weeks!  Well not very much, however, Ants will survive.
Rodent Control

Bugs in The Winter?

What Happens to bugs in cold Temperatures? Wintertime is here so we should get ready for experiencing any insects or pests that’s around us. Various insects might have different routines during winter months. By being aware of the insect habits, you’ll be able to keep these pest out of your
Covid 19 Pandemic Pest

Pest Control and Covid-19

Pest Control and Covid 19 Pest control is more important than ever With today’s pandemic going on, we are seeing more pest than ever. Pest usually have food giving to them through leftovers, but now that we are gone due to lock down…it’s a more complicated game.   Pest Control