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Pavement Ants Kansas City

Keeping Pavement Ants Off Your Kansas City Driveway

How To Keep Pavement Ants Off Your Kansas City Driveway If you have pavement ants on your Kansas City driveway, you are already aware just what a pain in the neck they are. At Truly Green Pest Control, we understand just how frustrating these unwanted pests can be. Our pest
Japanese Beetles in Kansas City

Best Way To Kill Japanese Beetle

Best Ways To Kill Japanese Beetles   Japanese beetles are a species of winged insect that are native to Japan. In their native habitat, they are kept in check by a variety of predators and parasites. However, when they were accidentally introduced to the United States in the early 1900s,
Bed Bug Bites

3 Tips for Bed Bugs in Kansas City

3 Tips on Bed Bugs in Kansas City Lots of people realize that bed bugs infest mattresses and old furnishings, but most don’t pay much brain to how bed bugs end up there into the beginning. In reality, these parasitic bugs really are a many more mobile than folks understand,
Natural Cockroach exterminator

Cockroaches are becoming Impossible to kill

Cockroaches are being born impervious to bug sprays and it’s happening fast. A Purdue University study found that the commonly found German types of roaches are increasingly being born by having an immunity to toxins by which they haven’t yet been in contact. The shocking research, published on Live Science,
Roach Exterminator Kansas City

5 Ways To kill a Roaches

5 Ways To Kill Roaches                           One of the most common insects in the world. Roaches have been around for centuries, and we are still looking for the best way to get rid of roaches. Roaches range in
Carpenter Ants

Effective Ant Prevention Tips

Effective Ant Prevention Strategies For Kansas City Property Owners A large number of different species of ants are present in Kansas City.  March through October is when the ant activity occurs the most. however, they are extremely opportunistic and can relocate indoors to remain all through the year. Ants are social pest,
Fleas in winter - Truly Green Pest Service

Does the Weather Affect Fleas and Ticks

How exactly does the current weather Affect Fleas and Ticks? Don’t rely on the weather to kill parasites.   In the event that you’ve been hoping the changing seasons could help solve your flea and tick problems, we now have some disappointing news: it can take more than a passing freeze