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We Keep You Pest Free


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Our REsponse to Covid-19

We Guarantee Results

All Season Pest Service

Existing Customers

We guarantee results on just about any pest you’ll find, interior and exterior of your home

Truly Green’s exclusive All-Season-Pest-Service® service is an affordable, comprehensive approach to creating a pest-free environment for your home, 24/7.  Above all… Child and pet safe!

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Kansas City and Overland Park, Kansas Natural Pest Control

Since 2010, our passion is defending you from pests.
 Pest-free Living

Pest Control Kansas CityIf you want to beat insects in their own game such as:  ants, spiders, mosquitoes, rodents, bed bugs and other common pests is to be proactive. Truly Green’s ® all-season pest control management service lets you enjoy pest-free environment, and our Mosquito Home Protection Service will keep you in your backyard all spring and summer long.

There are many reasons why one would want to have green pest control .  It could be due to health concerns for themselves and their families, or their environment, or just feeling it’s the right thing to do.

Truly Green Pest Control is natural and organic and we are child and pet safe.

The Truly Green Pest Promise

Trusted since 2010.

Fighting pest problems is our mission.

We guarantee results 100%.

Fast, Reliable, Affordable.

Our technicians are certified by Truly Green and leads any other pest control/extermination company in natural products. . Truly Green Pest Control uses products that is safefor the environment and home.

We’re your local pest control experts. Board Certified or Associate Certified Entomologist just a phone call away.

Pest Control Near Me
Residential Pest Control Services
Natural and Organic pest control

Pest Control For Your Home

You have pest that is bothering you in your home.  We will help you eradicate them quickly and safely and keep you pest free with all natural service.

Pest Control For your business

Pest can destroy your business with one sighting. Let our proven  strategies keep them from infesting your bottom line and customers.

Our Services

Residential Pest Control Services Kansas City

Mosquito and Tick extermination in Kansas City

Advanced Protection

Natual Pest Control
Premier Service Exterior-Interior-
  • Cobweb Removal
  • Ext Pest Defense
  • Interior Pest Treatment
  • Unlimited Service Calls
  • Exterior Rodent Station
  • Rodent Control
  • Pest Proofing as needed
  • Fully Guaranteed Services

Customers Reviews

Truly Green Pest Control
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Vanessa Western
Vanessa Western
14:15 31 May 19
Truly Green pest service was one of the first... companies we found upon moving to Missouri in 2016. Robert was so genuine and helpful we've been using his services ever since. It's refreshing to find a local small business that builds relationships and really cares about their more
Trish Warford
Trish Warford
15:16 30 May 19
Truly Green has been great. This is the first... pest control business that I've dealt with that I look forward to having come back (for quarterly maintenance). Robert is friendly and professional. I love that the house doesn't stink and I'm not worried about having my kids in there during more
Laura Janusik
Laura Janusik
03:28 30 May 19
Love Truly Green Pest Service! Robert is... passionate about treating pests with "green" products. He explains as much as I want to know, and he has even volunteered to return if one of the traps catch a mouse so I don't have to deal with it. I appreciate his intense knowledge base and the work that he does. If you want to help save the environment from chemical toxins and reduce/eliminate pests in your home, then Truly Green Pest Service is the way to go!read more
Matthew Binggeli
Matthew Binggeli
22:28 29 May 19
They did a fantastic job! It smelled great and... worked wellread more
archifootprint inc
archifootprint inc
20:34 29 May 19
We highly recommend Truly Green. Very... Professional, friendly, and effective at what they do!read more
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Truly Green Pest Control