How To Identify Termites

How To Identify termites in Your Kansas City home

Lots of times in people homes they do not detect insects in their Kansas City home. That’s a good sign. No infestation. However, that does not mean you are free from problems with the lurking and crawling insect.  You will be surprised how may insects are crawling around your home and in your walls. Insects can build a home in your walls, and you will never even notice it. The worst part is you will have to pay for them to be evicted.  Most people don’t recognize insects in their home until the last moment.  This is what termites do. They appear suddenly in the spring after damaging your home and causing possible structural damage.

a termite infestation in a home
Termites in the United States are destructive. They eat at a tune of 5 billion dollars in repair fees and recuperation cost. These insects cause such destruction that you may have to replace key sections of your home such as joist or load bearing beams.  That’s expensive.  Termites are not covered by insurance in most states…you will have to eat the cost.  Let’s read more to identify a few tips on termites and how you cans stop them with Truly Green Pest Control help.
What are the Dangers and Signs of Termites?

By now with all of the googling on termites you may hear of their caste system.  They have three groups: workers, soldiers, and swarmers.  By time you see the workers are you uncover the workers their color will be white or grayish white.  They are pretty uniform in size (workers), 0.12 of an inch.  These guys are the ones who eat the wood.  They are the destructive in eating wood.  While the workers are destroying, they are protected by the Soldiers. They are bigger and have strong jaws for an insect. Their head is in a rectangular shape. 

Now imagine that type of precision behind your walls. It is not easy to detect and may go UN-noticed for years before it’s too late.  They live in walls and underground…That’s Crazy! Swarmers are the first sign of termites in your home. Their job is to fly out and make more nest. In the process, you will find them around the windows as they are attracted by light.

Here are some more signs:

  • You may find translucent like wings that are scattered around floor and window seals
  • You may discover your wood is hollow and is filled with mud instead of wood with maze like designs
  • Knocking on once solid wood may sound hollow and buckle under pressure
  • Termites do make noises and you may be able to hear a faint noise coming from behind the wall
  • Paint shipping is another way to determine termite possibilities.  Buckled and bubbled.
  • Observing that drywall is slumping and discolored

After all that was said about the termite it is a beneficial insect in its own right.  It helps decompose wood and keep the environment stable from fires and such. It also keeps are soil rich in nutrients.  Without these pesky creatures our trees and plants would have a problem growing.  With the great benefit to the environment, it is destructive to our way of life and can damage our costly home.  It can cause a collapse in structures, causing you to lose business and may even cause you to vacate premises which add more financial burden to your home or business.


How Can You Prevent Termites?


Landscaping and maintenance are key to preventing termites:

  • Remove any damaged or waterlogged wood.
  • Gutter leaks are one way to cause wood to decay…fix it!
  • Caulk cracks and crevice around windows where moisture will not set in
  • Screens on vents that lead to the exterior will help
  • Make sure you get leaves out of gutters for they will drain properly
  • Do not store firewood or plants along your property…keep them four feet away
  • Wood to ground is not advised…such as firewood on the ground.  Easy Access for termites.
  • Stay neat on your property. Keep your lawn 5 Star!
  • Annual Service with Truly Green Pest Control


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