How to Prevent Garden Pest

garden pest

Garden Pest is one of the most antagonizing problems when it comes to keeping your garden in tip top shape. There are five things you should keep in mind when attending your garden.: compost, water, floating row cover, good bugs, and hand power!



Why do we use compost to control pest?  The answer is simple. Compost is the richest soil conditioner and fertilizer that soil can have. With compost rich soil, your plants will be vibrant and healthy. Rich in nutrients and less likely to become infected with pest and diseases.

Compost tea is a great product that vitalizes your plants that are suffering. All you do is spray the tea on the foliage of the plants, compost tea may even offer some protection against plant diseases. Always make compost when working are planning your garden and place it liberally.


watering plants

I cannot emphasize water enough.  Water is essential for the garden, and it also blast away pest with a steady stream. It can keep aphids and spider mites from attacking your plants.  Water your plants diligently so they will not have stress due to lack of water. Water in the morning which will give your foliage time to dry. Remember, wet conditions are conducive to disease development.




Floating Row Cover

floating row cover

When you have fruit and vegetable crops, roll covering will be the best for preventing pest from invading you labor. Plants will flourish from not having much wind damage, and with the extra covering, the excess heat will help the plant grow even faster.  Best of all, when properly covered, pest really can’t get in to destroy your vegetable garden or fruit gardens. This prevents insect feeding damage and will prevent the disease insects transmit to the plants. Including bacterial wilt and some virus.


Good Bugs

Native lady beetles, parasitic wasp, predatory wasps, ground beetles, and various bugs and flies consume a large number of pests in your garden. You rarely see the beneficial insects in your garden, they are there, and if you take some steps to provide them with food, water and shelter you will have a pest free garden.







Hand Picking pest

The best method of pest control will be your hands. People often pick large insects from their plants and dump them into a pale of soapy water.  Touching bugs is not for the faint of heart. If you are quizzie use tweezers, gloves are even chopsticks.  Remove diseased leaves and destroy them. Prune and destroy diseased branches on apple, raspberry, and other crops that have fruit. Pull your weeds by hand and avoid toxic weed killers. It is very important to use hand method around disease prone crops like grapes, to promote air circulation.

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