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Keep Blowflies Out of Kansas City Home

Blowflies of all flies will make you vomit! They eat on decayed road kill and anything dead containing rotten meat. If maggots gross you out then the blow flies comes from that maggot. Learn how to keep Blowflies away from your property in Kansas City.

a blow fly on white surface

What Are Blowflies?

Blowflies are {a common|a typical|an everyday} sight for {humans|people}, {occupying|consuming} {nearly every|almost every|virtually every|just about any} corner {of the|for the|of this|associated with the|associated with|regarding the} {globe|world} {thanks to the|{due to the|because of the}} meatpacking {industry|{market|trade|sector|internet|store}|firm} and trade. Adult blowflies {feed on|feed upon} nector and pollen, females {lay|place} their eggs {inside|indoors|within|inside of|indoors|within|in|inside of|on the inside} dead animals. {Once|As soon as}they are hatched, the maggots {feed on|prey on|feed upon} the {decaying|rotting} meat and {grow|develop} into flies themselves. The bloated or “fly blown” {appearance|looks} of infested meat {is where|is when} their name {comes from|originates from}, {in fact|in reality}. Blowflies can {detect|discover} dead flesh from a long distance. When you see a blowfly…something is truly dead.

How you can spot blowflies:

  • Size: Blowflies {are|have always been|are definitely|tend to be} larger than a housefly, with {huge|big} orbital eyes that are capable of seeing in 360 directions.
  • Color: Blowflies are {typically|usually} dark colored, however, the top of their body has a shine or sheen, {particularly|specially} seen in direct lighting at rest.
  • Variation: The {category|classification} of blowfly {includes|consists of} {hundreds|100s|lots|countless} of different varieties of fly, including “bottle flies” and other large invasive species. All blowflies can fly for long distances and can reproduce great numbers in the 1000’s

Do Blow Flies Carry Disease?

Blowflies are filthy and spread plenty of diseases. Anything that eats rotten meat for a living is not a good insect. Here are a few tips to follow:

  • Disease: {Obviously|demonstrably|Needless to say|naturally|of course|certainly|Apparently|not surprisingly}, bacteria and germs {thrive|survive} in areas with decay and rotten foods, so the blowflies that infest tormented meat will bring great sickness too you.
  • Proliferation: Blowfly maggots {number|amounts} in the by the thousands or more , and can {mature|develop} in as little as 7 days, and with that speed you will have an infestation on hand.
  • Bites: Blowflies usually don’t usually bite people, unless they are dead. If they choose to bite, the bite is not dangerous despite the garbage and carcass they eat. But as populations grow out of control, however, blowflies will cause a problem for pets.

How Do You Get Blowflies?

If you have something dead around, blowflies will be the first on the seen. Did you know that detectives often look for blowflies at a homicide seen. Blowflies can even beat the vultures there.

  • Landscaping: Blowflies will eat nectar and pollen in many vegetations. Flies frequent gardens for nourishment. Keep gardens and grass manicured to prevent blowflies and other insects. Good Habit!
  • Moisture: Like all insects, water is a must. Remove excess water to limit the amount of flies on hand … especially the blow flieli>
  • Dead animals: Any dead animal, poop, or decaying matter can attract blowflies. If it is near your property then you will have some flies, as well as, blowflies.

Truly Green Pest Control will Eliminate Flies

If you have Blowflies on your property and want to find the source of the problem. Contact Truly Green Pest Control. This is not a DYI program. We have years of experience of consulting you to a pest free property. Especially flies!