Does Mosquitoes Transmit the Covid -19 Disease?


Off all the stinging insects out there, Mosquitoes are one of the most annoying insects today.  You can here them buzzing around your ear and they can attack in large numbers, they also transmit diseases that can make you very sick, as well as feed on your blood too. We would rather see these mosquitoes gone, however, believe it or not…they serve a purpose to the environment.  What?

Fish, birds, bats, and other creatures depend on mosquito population for food.  We think of mosquitoes as annoying, but a little know fact is they also pollinate like bees.   With all the concern over mosquitoes and the plagues of illness they can carry…will they Transmit  Covid-19?

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What Are Mosquitoes?

To the point, mosquitoes are flying insects. They are in the family Culicidae and are classified in the order Diptera and are considered true flies. They have six long skinny legs, and a pair of wings and they can reach sizes of 3 mm to 9mm. You may see a needle like protrusion coming from their head. It is called a proboscis that is used to puncture the flesh and feed on our blood.  Their wings and bodies are often covered in tiny scales, and they are typically dark brown or black. There wings are scaly and colors come in black or brown. 

How Do Mosquitoes Transmit Diseases?

Dengue,  West Nile Virus, Zika Virus and malaria or a few diseases that mosquitoes can transmit. Encephalitis is another.  The above mentioned diseases can live within the mosquito which will allow the insect to transfer these disease easily to a human host.  Mosquitoes use their proboscis to pierce the skin. Then they inject saliva to numb up the area and then suck the blood.  This is usually were the transmission of diseases will occur as the saliva contaminates the blood. 

The question is what mosquito is infected. If it is not infected then you will not display the symptoms of an infected mosquito, however, that depends on the health of the individual immune system.

Symptoms from mosquito bites:

  • A reddish bump 
  • A bump that is reddish
  • Bump that is white with a reddish dot in middle
  • Spots dark in color like bruises
  • Small Blisters

Possible symptoms of compromised immune system people :

  • Low-grade fever
  • Fever low-grade
  • lymph nodes that are swollen
  • Possible Hives
  • Headache

If you feel that a mosquito have bitten you, contact your doctor when in doubt. Seek a medical professional. When you know a mosquito has bitten you, it is wise to seek counsel from your medical professional. Mosquito bites are nothing to fool around with as the diseases listed above could ruin your health if not caught in time. 


Coronavirus  produces a strain that is responsible for the Covid-19 virus that is known to attack your respiratory system and similar to many other respiratory illness.  A couple of the recognizable symptoms of the Covid-19 is lack of taste and smell.  If you feel you have been exposed of covid-19…get tested as soon as possible. Also contact your medical facility asap.  

Covid-19 circulates through droplets when a person who has it coughs or sneezes. If you are near by, the droplets discharged can be inhaled by you from the infected person. According to the CDC the spread can be transmitted through fluid discharged from the nose too. 

Protect yourself from COVID-19 by:

  • Social distancing at least 6ft
  • Avoid people who cough or sneeze
  • Use hand sanitizer with alcohol as ingredient
  • Always wash your hands routinely

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Can Mosquitoes Transmit COVID-19?

After all the education from above, mosquitoes will not transmit the covid-19…  According to the World Health Organization, there’s no empirical data or evidence that says COVID-19 or coronaviruses, is transmitted by being bit by a mosquito.  As of now, Data collected  indicates mosquitoes can not store this virus in their system. So, in short, mosquitoes can bite an infected person with the Covid-19 and bite you and not transmit the disease to you.  That’s good news!

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t worry about mosquito bites because they are still very capable of carrying and spreading other serious illnesses. Contact Truly Green Pest Control  if you have a mosquito infestation on your property, at your place of business, or elsewhere. Bulwark’s highly trained professionals can assess your situation and implement a plan of action to eliminate the threat of mosquitoes to you and others.

Mosquito season is in full swing, Covid-19 will not and cannot be transmitted from the mosquito. However, that doesnt mean you take the mosquito lightly. It carries a host of other dehibilitating disease as well. Protect your family from the threat of mosquitoes. Let Truly Green Pest Control take care of the mosquitoes, so you can have a beer or lemonade outside again.

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