Fall Rodent Control

Fall Rodent ControlRodent Control is important because…Winter is coming, and the weather is getting colder, and rodents will become more of an issue for Kansas City homeowners. Rodents are like us; they are warm blooded and active year-round. That is why when winter arrives the rodents look to us inside to survive the winter.
Rodents will pack up and look for shelter, food, and water. With that said, the rodent will make residence in your home and look for rent free living. Your home is the ideal resting place for rodents. Plenty of water, plenty of food (dog food, cat food…etc.).
Rodents in our area include:

As a Kansas City resident who wants successful rodent control, you should know what rodents are looking for, why they are coming to your property, how to get them out of your home, and what steps to keep them out in the future.

What Is Attracting Rodents?

Mice and rats are attracted by several things. Below you find some tips to rid yourself of these disease carrying rodents with the best rodent control tips.

The main factor is food that invites rodents to your property.  Rodents will eat just about anything. Their diet is limitless. Your pet food is not exempt, and they absolutely love the dog food bits.  To remove these food sources, you should:

  • Remove uneaten pet food and don’t forget to remove the pet bowl …clean it!
  • Place foods in airtight containers, including the pet food.
  • Don’t leave food debris laying around…especially around the oven and cabinets.
  • Sweep and vacuum regularly.
  • Take the garbage daily and make sure bins and containers lid closes securely.

Water is a necessity for rodents. Reducing water sources includes:

  • Humidity is a water source so reduce humidity moisture in your home.
  • Fix a roof that is prone to leaks.
  • Leaky pipes and faucets are just enough to feed rodent’s thirst.

While these prevention tips can assist in keeping property protected, it is not always completely reliable. The best prevention for rodents is through a comprehensive pest management program. This is because rodents are resourceful, clever, and adaptable. After living alongside people for thousands of years, rodents have become adept at avoiding people while reaping the benefits listed above.

Rodent Control Is Essential?

Rodents spread dangerous or life-threatening diseases on your property. They gnaw and could damage your home via…electrical damage or even fires. This makes it urgent to get the problem of rodents taking care of immediately. Call Truly Green Pest Control to help solve the problem before it gets out of hand.

Truly Green Pest Control…Rodent Control Protocol is This:

  • An initial inspection is needed to provide us the type of rodent in your property, the extent of the infestation, and the alterations needed in your home to prevent the attraction of rodents. Not all rodents are the same, so methods of eradication are different.
  • Based on our inspection, we will implement a treatment plan. We are natural and will use non-chemical rodent control methods, which can include trapping and baiting. With Truly Green Pest Control, you can expect treatments that won’t affect children and pets.
  • We offer Bi-monthly or quarterly visits

We also offer minor rodent exclusion, which is to eliminate harborage areas and entry points. Rodents are Truly dangerous. Don’t do it yourself if you are not sure of the biology of the pest you are dealing with. Leave it to Truly Green Pest Control. Contact us Today!

816- 377 2811

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