5 Ways To kill a Roaches

5 Ways To Kill Roaches

Roache in Kitchen

One of the most common insects in the world. Roaches have been around for centuries, and we are still looking for the best way to get rid of roaches.

Roaches range in different sizes, small to large, one-half to 3 inches.  American, German and Oriental roach or the most common roaches in the United States.  Each roach has its own profile that attracts them to your home. No all roaches are attracted to the same thing.  Knowing the roach habit will help you choose the right method on getting rid of them.  For example, the German roach is the first roach you usually find in your home. This particular roach has to have water to survive and thrive.  Getting rid of the water will diminish the survival rate for this roach.  

Getting rid of the water is one way of getting rid of the German roach, however there are many other ways such as, daily cleaning and storing your food properly with tight seals to prevent the roaches from being attracted to your food.  Still, you are reading this to figure out how to get rid of the roaches once they’re in your home?

Like any life form Roaches are seeking food and shelter. They are prolific reproducers and will in fest your home in no time. They multiply like crazy.  Your health is at risk because they carry bacteria and can cause food poisonings and irritate already ailments you may have such as asthma.  A large number of roaches can omit a foul odor.

A plan of an attack is to find out what type of roaches you may have and implement a plan with the right tools.


Find areas they hide.

Always inspect your home first to determine the best way and methods to use against the infestation sites. Always be prepared. The weapon of choice is a bright flashlight. Use your bright light to look behind spots like refrigerators and stoves, cracks and crevices, and under sinks.  Use roach glue strips to locate large infestations. Based on your flashlight inspection, decide on the most strategic areas to place strips. Monitor those areas for a few days to a week. Strips in high-traffic areas will catch the most roaches, and these areas will need the most treatment. 

Caulk where necessary. Caulk cracks and crevices. 

When looking for problems, traps can help reduce cockroach infestations. Traps are not the end all solution to the problem. One of the best ways to aid in traps is to use caulking. We call that exclusion. Seal them out with caulk. Any cracks and crevices are home to the pesky cockroach.  To prevent a roach infestation from expanding, use caulk to fill possible entry points, including gaps between walls or tile, small crevices and entry holes. It will also help to use weather stripping on doors and window seals.

Use bait stations near infestation areas to prevent

Gel bait is the most used bait to effectively eliminate roaches.  This type of bait comes in 4 grams tubes and is used by professionals as well as homeowners on a daily basis. Always read the label.  Apply in areas under and in baseboards and all cracks and crevices. Closer the bait is placed near the infestation, the better chance of elimination.   Always keep an eye out for dead roaches. They can die anywhere as the bait takes effect.  Bait stations are concealed in a plastic container. It is another form of bait that is popular among homeowners.  Roaches simply crawl in and feed on the bait.  The stations are tamper proof.  The roaches eat this bait and die, and unfortunately, they are eaten by their tribe and pass the poison on.

Boric Acid in Cracks in Crevices will eliminate infestations

One of the best roach killers on the market is Boric acid. This is a long-lasting substance that clogs the roaches breathing passages. Boric acid is found in toothpaste and detergent.  Always read the label when using this product. Boric acid, unfortunately, can become air borne if not applied into cracks and crevices. Air borne products can reach non target areas such as children and pets.


Truly Green Pest Control will help you eliminate the roaches from your home. You will not have the need for traps and powders all over your home from DYI methods. Call us today to schedule a free consultation. 

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