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What do ants look like?

There  are a number of ants in Kansas and Missouri area that come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes.  All ants have one thing in common. They have a caste of : queens , workers and males.  The queen is the main ant in the colony. She is responsible for laying all eggs within the colony.  Workers are females without wings that gather food, feed the larvae and maintain the integrity of the nest. They also are on standby to defend the colony. However, they do not reproduce. Males take a back seat to all the ants. The male job is only to reproduce. 


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Common Ant Questions

You may see one ant in the kitchen , crawling accross your sink. You come back an hour later and then there are more ants. Ants are constantly searching for food in homes that leave crumbs, dirty dishes, and animal food laying around.  This can become a major problem. Soon ants will be in your walls, under foundation and all over your lawn.

Although ants seem to be harmless, they carry bacteria that can contaminate counter tops and food as they crawl on countertops, across utensils are silverware.  Ants have bacteria in their body. Although a few ants are capable of carrying disease, they must be treated as if all have disease to transmit. Nevertheless, ants are an annoyance and can ruin a good dinner or an evening of fun in the lawn.

When we talk about carpenter ants and fire ants we have to be concerned about the problems they present.  A carpenter ant can weaken your structure in your home by tunneling through wood beams in your home.  Fire ants sting and can cause allergic reactions.  Fire ants stings are painful and requires professional extermination.

Ant Control requires professional extermination. If choose to do it yourself you can cause budding which means, ants all over the home or business. Here are some tips for ant extermination:

  • Entry: Ants enter your home looking for food. Ants will eat just about anything. Ants can fit through the smallest of cracks. Stay Clean!
  • Trails: Once a forager ants is spotted in your home, a pheromone trail will lead the other ants to the food source that forager ant found.
  • Nest : Nest are usually on the exterior. However, they can nest in walls, in lawns and in plants.
  • Colony: Ants can be 300,000 to 400,000 strong. When colonies reach that size they will satellite off and begin new colonies.
  • Colony Lifetime: Queens can live up to 14 years and the workers up to 8 years.
  • Do it yourself:  DIY approaches work by killing the foraging ants. Ants eat a variety of bait. The queen has to be found to effectively eliminate the colony around your home.

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Ant 101 Information

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  • Ant Hierarchy

Different type of Ants

  • army ants
  • cow killer ant
  • crazy ants
  • forelius pruinosus
  • grease ants
  • leafcutter ants
  • little black ants
  • little fire ants
  • pyramid ants
  • roger’s ants
  • small honey ants
  • sugar ants
  • tawny crazy ants (rasberry crazy ant)
  • twig ants
  • white-footed ants
  • wood ants

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