Field Ants


Field Ant workers measure up to three-eighths of an inch in size.

The color varies dependent upon the ant type. Black field ants are more common, however red, brown, red and black, and golden-yellow species may also be encountered around residences and buildings.

A group of about a dozen type of ants in the genus Formica are known as field ants. These rarely go into homes, but they are commonly seen crawling on porches, foundations and decks in which they may be wrongly identified as carpenter ants since they’re similar in size and color. (The thorax of a carpenter ant, when observed from the side, is uniformly rounded while compared to a field ant is clearly unequal in shape.) The ants feast upon insects and the sweet honeydew made by aphids and similar bugs.


Field ants are common in yards, landscaping, fields and wooded areas. They build medium-sized mounds as high as in in diameter, but more often nest underneath stones, logs, landscaping timbers and porch slabs.

Tips for Field Ant Control

The good part about this ant is that they do not ever come into homes. With that in mind, the best treatment is to treat the mound associated with the ant. An appropriate labeled product will take care of the ants.