All Season Home Protection

Residential Pest Control

Truly Green Pest Control will keep your home safe from pest all season long with natural and non-toxic solutions. In addition, our company was voted the best exterminators in Kansas City by Popular Home Service.  Customers agree toxic chemicals in our lawns or home are not safe for families, children, and pets.  Pets run through yards and lick their paws. Kids play in yards and crawl on dining room floors. We worry about that constantly and implement service with your family in mind.  There is a solution to eliminate pest without toxic chemicals.  We provide the best natural pest control in Kansas City.  We have many customers who have chosen to go green. Not just green with pest control but with every part of their lives.  We are Green  Together!

To provide you a pest free environment, service will need to be done every two to three months.  Every two months will ensure that we get to your property before the materials break down. Every three months, the application we applied will begin to wear down.  Weather dictates how long the solutions will last on your property.  Two months will guarantee you relief from pest.

If you see problems in between two-month service., with just a call, we will service you at no additional charge.  Your services are broken down into low monthly payments so you can enjoy all season program at an affordable price.  Enjoy the green pest control service the natural way!

Diabataceous earth

One of our state licensed pest & termite inspectors will perform a thorough inspection of your home’s structure, noting visible pest activity and conducive conditions. A copy of the inspection report & service specifications will be provided to you. Truly Green Pest Control All Season program is an ideal home pest control solution and begins with an initial intensive service, consisting of a perimeter treatment to the exterior of the structure as well as a full interior treatment to gain control of any existing pest problems. Your technician will also:

  • Place insect glue monitors around the interior of your home
  • Dust pipe chases & attic (if accessible)
  • Remove spider webs and eggs
  • Inspect light fixtures/areas beneath furniture and treat accordingly

Pest Control All Season Program


Spring Pest Control

Spring is the time of year when insects begin to reproduce. This is an important time of year to be proactive against pest before they get started.

  • Nuisance “House” Ants,
  • Flies,
  • Spiders,
  • Stinging Insects (Wasp, Hornets, and Bees),
  • Earwigs, Thrips, Clover Mites, Crickets, Springtails,
  • Boxelder Bugs,
  • Chiggers, Fleas,
  • Carpet Beetles



Pest Control In Kansas City

Summer is full swing assault for pest.  They are swarming and harboraging were ever they can. They are also constantly looking for food on the exterior and interior due to possible drought conditions.


  • Apply granular baits to minimize insect reproduction
  • Stinging Insects, Nuisance “House” Ants (Argentine),
  • Flies, Ticks, Fire Ants, Brown Recluse Spiders, Black Widow Spiders,
  • Large Outdoor Roaches,
  • Millipedes/Centipedes
  • Ground Beetles, Hard Shell Bugs


Organic Pest ControlFall is when the weather begins to change.  Insects begin there preparing cycle to get ready for the winter. They will forage for food were ever they can. Most of the foraging will lead them to your home.


  • Spiders,
  • Rodents,
  • Fleas,
  • Stinkbugs, Kudzu Bugs, Lady Bugs, Large Outdoor
  • Roaches (Water Bugs/Palmetto Bugs),
  • Odorous House Ants


Pest Control Near MeWinter is hibernation time. They do not die in the winter. They simply either burrow underground or live in your home behind walls or in your basement. They start the cycle again in the spring.

  • Rodents, Roaches, Ladybugs, Stink Bugs, Silverfish, Odorous House Ants, Mice, Rats, Birds, Indian Meal Moths