Identify Cockroaches

Whenever you have to deal with cockroaches, it is best to hire a professional exterminator– because roaches eat and hide. They reproduce in a short time, and furthermore, in less than 2 weeks, they could easily get out of control. The interior of your home is an ideal location for them to thrive, with limitless food, water, warmth, and areas to keep hidden. Roaches do not have a season and can live all year! It doesn’t matter if you are clean or dirty. They can hitchhike on groceries, clothing, and furniture.

German Cockroach

Photo of a German Roach

The German cockroach is by far the most common and greatest nuisance of all roaches. You can distinguish them from the two dark stripes on their heads and their tan color. Young roaches are black to dark brown in color and have a pale colored stripe down their back side. The German cockroach prefers living in warm, humid areas and are usually present in kitchens and bathrooms; however, may spread to other areas as their nest populates. German roaches are usually brought into a structure on grocery sacks and boxes or inside infested refrigerators, microwaves, television sets, etc. Due to their fast duplication speed, an infestation can become exceedingly bad situation until dealt with as soon as possible. German roaches will feed on anything that gives them nourishment. And it is not a myth about roaches traveling from house to house.

Oriental Cockroach

Photo of an Oriental Cockroach

This common roach can also be called a “water roach” or “water bug,” which is shining and black colored to dark-colored reddish-brown. The Oriental roach would rather devote its life outside underneath debris, stones, mulch, etc. but may possibly occasionally move indoors. When found inside.

Brown Banded Cockroach

Photo of a Brown Banded Cockroach

Adult brown banded rode are normally in basements, cellars, and around moisture pipes. Aches have pale brown bands running across their wings, and immature roaches have pale brown bands running across their body. Adult roaches have a brown liberty-bell shaped pattern on their head, and their wings get lighter toward the tips. Brown banded cockroaches prefer warm areas (over 80 degrees) and can be found throughout structures. They prefer residing in higher areas of rooms and appliances, so be sure to check in and along drop ceilings and anything high on a wall—like picture frames and wall moldings. They can also be found in motors, electronics, appliances, outlets and light switch covers, and even up in light fixtures!

Wood Roach

Photo of a Wood Roach

Wood cockroaches prefer to live outdoors, in grasslands, oak woodlands, chaparrals and many other habitats. They are known to forage at night on plants and logs for bits of plant and animal food and hide by day under rocks and bark or in leaf litter at the base of plants.  Adults are active during warm months, mostly from spring through fall. Males are sometimes attached to lights. 

American Cockroach

Photo of an American Cockroach

These large roaches are reddish brown in color with a pale brown to yellowish band across the bottom of their head shield. Adults are active year-round in warm, moist locations. They are mostly commercial pest, infesting restaurants, supermarkets, bakeries, warehouses and shipyards, but the frequently enter homes and apartments through sewage and plumbing systems.  Adults are weak flyers. They are also known as the Palmetto bug. 

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