How to Remove Camel Crickets

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camel cricket
camel cricket

Camel Crickets tend to live in forest or wooded areas around your home. They are active during the spring and through the end of summer, however or found year round in basements.

Camel crickets resemble house and field crickets, however, they are not true crickets because of their long antennas and long legs. They are usually light tan with darker bands around their body. They tend to live in dark and damp areas. When you see this cricket it is usually in the basement. Outdoors, they are usually found under logs or flat stones with suitable organic matter for food near your home to increase the chances of infestation.

Camel Cricket Damage

Compared to field and house crickets, the camel cricket does not do as much damage. They normally eat plant debris and sometimes paper to survive. They very seldom eat or chew on clothing.

How To Get Rid of Camel Crickets

To reduce the number of cricket you must take care of the sanitation around your home which includes:

  1. Sanitation

    Eliminate weeds
    Weeds around home

  2. Remove Rotting Wood

    Wood that turns to debris or rot is excellent source for crickets

  3. rotting wood

  4. Exclusion

    Seal around pipes and place door sweeps to prevent entrypipe sealing

  5. Bait and Spray

    Use baits as well as spray.

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