How to Get Rid of Stink bugs Naturally


How to get rid of stink bugs with dish soap, vinegar spray, and more

It can be difficult to figure out how to get rid of stink bugs. These unauthorized occupants of your home may not pose a health danger, but they are nevertheless a nuisance because they emit odors when terrified or squeezed, just like many other animals.

Brown marmorated stink bugs can also be prevalent, flying around your rooms and crawling on surfaces, despite the fact that they won’t transmit disease or harm the construction of your house.

These bugs are rather easy to spot. They are fairly easy to detect because to their hard shell and shield-like form. As a natural defense mechanism, they emit a foul scent when threatened, and the same thing occurs if you squish them (gross). Additionally, the stink lingers even after the bug has died.

But don’t freak out. There are steps you can take to get rid of stink bugs from your house, as well as methods you can use to block their entryways, to assist put an end to their obnoxious behavior.

Some people claim that stink bugs have a cilantro-like scent, while others detect burnt tires. Whatever your nose detects, it shouldn’t be covered up with harsh chemicals like bleach. Therefore, if you need to get rid of odor

How to get rid of stink bugs

The bad news is that because stink bugs enjoy eating a variety of native plants, including grasses, weeds, berries, and apples, they are likely to congregate in your garden. Before we get into the specifics, the idea is to prevent them from entering in the first place and deal with them if they manage to get past your defenses.

1. Carry them outside

Your house has a stink bug, and you are inclined to kill it. That might do the trick, right? Simply stop there! The thing that would make a stink bug stink is trying to squash it, so resist doing that. Don’t stomp on one either, please.

Instead, make an effort to gently remove the troublesome stinker and flush it. If there are other bugs, you can use a dustpan and brush to remove them (again, don’t crush as you go) before flushing. Instead, a good handheld vacuum cleaner will quickly suck them up. After that, you have the option to move them by emptying the vacuum canister outside.

2. Use a dish soap solution

In a dish soap solution, stink bugs can be eliminated. Washing up liquid and water should be combined in a bucket. The stink bugs will drown if you use a brush to knock them into your soapy solution.

3. Use a vinegar spray

Try this DIY cure for a farm and dairy stink bug outbreak. Use a spray bottle, please. Add one cup of white vinegar, two cups of boiling water, and half a cup of dish soap. Cover the container and stir to blend. You can immediately spray the stink bugs with the solution. Keep in mind that using this technique will require cleaning up afterwards.

4. Seal Cracks and Crevices

Preventing stink bugs from entering your home in the first place is the easiest way to eradicate them. Start by caulking any gaps around window and door frames, siding, pipes, and other potential access points for pests. Fill up the gaps with caulk (such as Gorilla Caulk & Seal). Having trouble caulking? We’ll teach you how to keep those vermin out in our professional tutorial.

To close spaces where stink bugs could enter, you should use weather stripping under exterior doors.


5. Fix screens

Make sure to thoroughly inspect window and door screens and repair or replace them as needed. Stink bugs don’t require a lot of an access point. To prevent the animals from entering this method, adding insect screens to vents in attics and crawl spaces is a wise move. 

6. Adjust Exterior Lighting

Turn off your external lights when not in use since they attract stink bugs. Consider switching to outdoor lights with motion sensors so they only turn on when necessary. After dark, close your drapes and blinds to prevent the light from inside your house from luring animals.

7. Try dryer sheets

Yes, dryer sheets, really. These have reportedly been employed by some homeowners to get rid of stink bugs. For large versions, rub fresh sheets on the window screens. It seems like a clever reverse that the stink bugs don’t like the stench and keep away.

8. Lure them – then remove them

Here are two more unusual treatments about which we have heard positive things. One way to get stink bugs is to keep a wet towel draped over a lawn chair at night. By soaking the towel in a dish soap solution in a bucket overnight, you can kill the stink bugs that have gathered on it in the morning. Another option would be to send the stink bugs directly to a pail of soapy water where they will perish. How? Easy. Just cover your trap with a light.

9. Use garlic granules

Yes, you can use the same ingredients you use to make delicious meals and garlic bread to drive away stink bugs from your property. However, you don’t need to throw away a brand-new clove to get rid of these parasites Instead, purchase some garlic powder (far less expensive and perishable), and dissolve it in some warm water. After that, pour this into a spray bottle and mist the locations where you’ve noticed them.

10.Natural Frangrance Repels Stink Bugs

Fortunately for us, essential oils make stink bugs crazy. Use your preferred home scent straight up if you have one of the top essential oils diffusers or combine a few plant extracts to make your own essential oil formulations. Geranium, ylang-ylang, and lemongrass have relaxing effects that will help you completely forget about the infestation!

What attracts stink bugs?

Stink bugs have a similar drive to other living things, including humans, for food. As a result, it should come as no surprise that if you leave food out on your kitchen counter, you are essentially inviting people over for a multi-course dinner. Even the greatest garbage can encourage them to enter, so make sure to completely clean your kitchen trash can and use antibacterial wipes or your best steam cleaner to mop up any juice.

This is supported by Dominique Stumpf, president and CEO of the National Pest Management Association, who states: “Removing stink bugs’ access to food is another way to get rid of them.”

“Storage containers for food should be airtight, and regular trash disposal should be done in containers that are sealed. To get rid of crumbs and residue, be careful to sweep floors and wipe down counters.

Not sure how to clean the countertop in your kitchen? We provide instructions on how to maintain it sterilized no matter what material it is made of.

How do stink bugs get In?

Spring is welcome, but the stink bugs that go along with it are less so. However, how do they get inside? According to the specialists at Truly Green Pest Control, “Due to their flat body form, stink bugs have an extraordinary capacity to get into homes through ripped screens and door openings.” These bugs hibernate indoors during the winter in an effort to survive until April. In other words, stink bugs come out as it gets warmer, and the sun is out.

When to call in the experts

Our recommendation is to contact experts like Truly Green Pest Control for assistance if you are dealing with a stink bug infestation or if your attempts to get rid of them inside and prevent them from entering from outside have failed.
In the worst instance, pest controllers can use chemical products to prevent unwelcome visits by applying them near potential access points.




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