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House Centipedes

House Centipedes In Kansas City Homes

How to get rid of centipedes

House centipedes are often seen in homes…especially in tubs, basins, and basements.  Centipedes love to eat household pest such as cockroaches and cloths moths, including flying insects that are drawn to your home by lights.You may say that these insects are beneficial if they get rid of roaches and flies. However the site of these insects make home owners cringe. In warmer weather they tend to live outside in all types of habitats. Centipedes are very quick. They use there speed to catch their prey and to escape danger themselves. You may think that the centipede slivers across the ground. However, when it is on the move it raises from the ground to move around.

Most of the centipedes you see will range in the colors of brown to yellow. They have two body regions:  The head and the trunk. The centipede can have anywhere to 15 to 50 pairs of legs.Centipedes do breath through spiracles located on the sides of the body trunk 

You can find centipedes prevalent in places like stones, boards, loose bark, leaf debris, and rotten wood such as logs. 

Are centipedes dangerous?

Centipedes that are smaller have a painful bite but that is localized  to the area it struck.  The bite is similar to a bee sting.  A bigger centipede, however, can produce more poision and the pain will be more intense. With that said, centipedes are not know to be fatal to humans.

How to Get Rid of Centipedes in My Home ?

What Truly Green Pest Control Does


There are many groups of Centipedes in the Arthropods group with different characteristics.  If you feel you have centipedes then you want to contact Truly Green Pest Control for a thorough inspection.

After Truly Green Pest Control finishes the inspection, we will provide a detailed inspection report detailing the plan of action. The plan of action could have non chemical or chemical solutions to remove the centipedes. We will also determine the route of entry into your home.

Non Chemical is our best approach because we are green…and will include some of the following. :

  • Remove Moisture: Reduce moisture is the key to all insects. In your case you may  have to use a dehumidifier.
  • Clean Clutter: Removing clutter from the home and garage areas. Also clutter around your home such as leaves and organic debris will help greatly
  • Eliminate Other pests: Centipedes love insects. Removing excess insect from around your home will decrease the centipede activity.
  • Exclusions: Looking for entry routes will be part of the process. Seal the entries , you prevent the entries of the centipedes.
  • Initiate Vacuuming: Sucking up centipedes is key weapon as well. No chemical usage with a vacuum cleaner