Why Mosquitoes Don’t Bite Everybody


Why Mosquitoes Bite Some People And Not You?

Metabolism, blood type, shirt color, exercise, beer drinking, and other stats can lure mosquitoes to you more than others.  





You probably been out on a hike are just hanging out in the backyard with your family. You notice that you are the only one claiming that the bugs are eating you up…especially mosquitoes. 


You have bites on your ankles and wrist. You are covered with the little red bumps. Your friends or family members don’t have a mark. Maybe you look like a steak from a five-star restaurant to a mosquito.


You’re not by yourself. A projected 20 percent of people, it turns out, are especially appealing for mosquitoes, and obtain little more often on a frequent basis. And even though scientists do not have relief from the disease, apart from preventing bites with insect compound (which, we’ve discovered, some mosquitoes may become immune to as time passes), they do have a number of ideas regarding why some people are far more at risk of bites than others. Here are some associated with the factors that could are likely involved:



Blood Type



Mosquitoes bite us to get the proteins out of our blood. Not all blood is the same for mosquitoes based on research from entomologist. Some blood is just more appealing than other blood types. If you have type O blood you probably will make a great meal for mosquitoes versus an individual with type A blood type.  When you are out and about and you are getting ate alive and your friend is not, it is probably due to the fact that your friend may have type B blood.  In addition, your pours can secret what type of blood type you may have. If you are one that don’t secrete easily, then the mosquitoes will live you alone.


Carbon Dioxide


When we breath we emit carbon dioxide when we exhale. Mosquitoes locate us as host when we exhale the carbon dioxide.  Maxillary palp is an organ the mosquito have to detect carbon dioxide from as far as 200 feet away.  As a result, individuals that exhale more gas are usually the larger people or adults. Children on the other hand does not expend much gas due to their size.  This probably explains why adults get bit more than kids.


Exercise and Metabolism


With regard to carbon dioxide, mosquitoes discover people at close proximity by sniffing the acid that is lactic, uric-acid, ammonia and various other toxins gotten rid of via his or her perspiration, as well as are also lured to people with high body temperature ranges. Seeing that physically demanding physical exercise will increase the buildup of lactic {acid and heat|heat and acid} inside your body, it most likely causes you stand out to the pesky insects. Subsequently, genetic factors determine the levels of uric acid and some other substances normally given off by each individual, making certain people more easily located by mosquitoes than other individuals.


Skin Bacteria


Bacteria of all things that is on our skins can be what is attracting mosquitoes. Bacteria can be the common denominator on what determines who gets bit and who don’t. Research in 2011 a very few types of bacteria on our skins were attracting mosquitoes. Mosquitoes tend to bite the ankles and feet. Those areas of the body tend to have the most bacteria that attracts.



If you are a beer drinker, beware!  If you drink one can of beer, you will experience more bites than the person who sets next to you and not drink beer.  The thinking behind this is researchers say an increase in ethanol that’s mixed with the sweat, and body temperature hikes. However, neither of these hypotheses have been confirmed are studied. So, all that is known at this time, is the mosquitoes love beer drinkers!




Studies have shown that expecting women attract twice as many mosquito bites as the other people due to the fact that they exhale more carbon dioxide and the body temperature is 1.26 degrees warmer than the average individual.


Clothing Color

As we learn what attract mosquitoes, we find that they are not dumb little pesky insects.  They can actually see color. Dark colors tend to lure mosquitoes. Try to wear lighter colors during mosquito season. You will get less bites. in



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