What Does an Ant Nest Look Like?

Locating and Treating an Ant Nest

Find an Treat the nest.  Finding an ant nest can be difficult at times.  Sometimes you can find them at first glance. Some ant mounds stick out like mountains with ant scurrying all over them. Some are up under rocks and leaves that will lead you right to their front door.  You are not out of luck yet. Those signs may not be true of what is going on. Ants can dig deep into the soil.

How to find ant nests. You probably have discovered ants in your kitchen are at your front door. Ants know how to forage near key spots such as your kitchen sink or near the dog food.  They send out a pheromone trail so the other ants can follow.

Eliminating the ants.  How to kill ant nesting sites and their hill of a mound is easy. The most important part is finding the queen. Without the queen, the ant colony will not live long. With that said, Queens…there is more than one. You may be looking for days as the ants create satellite. colonies with multiple queens in a maze of highways underground to other properties.

Kill the Mound and Nest.  When you see a mound then you have done your work. This is were the ants are. The mound is like a house. It helps keep the nest warm. This services a purpose during the winter to help ants survive.  You will think by destroying the mound will kill the ants…nope!  You may kill some ants but remember this…the ants dig deep. We are talking about 7ft to 8ft beneath the soil.  In this case, you want to get products labeled for the specific ant you are targeting.  Best bet is to call a professional to treat for your ants.

Ant prevention is very important to not having ants in your home. This is sound advice for pest management.   Call Truly Green Pest Control to help you with your ant issues.  Get a free Estimate to eliminate your ants.

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