Vinegar Pest Control

Vinegar Pest Control

Vinegar Pest Control Alternative to pesticides

Using vinegar pest control has numerous advantages that you could be proud of. One strengths is you will not have pesticides around you. It is hard work to go natural, however, in the long run you will benefit from it.

Vinegar Remedy

Vinegar Pest Control

It’s is like the miracle of pesticides. You can treat your leaves lightly but remember to always test the leaves before you apply the vinegar. You wouldn’t want your leaves to die. Spay vinegar around your home as a barrier. You can disrupt ants trails and repel other insects as well.

Extra Benefits

This natural product can  be dangerous to your garden that you worked so hard to harvest. So remember to all ways test swaths of plants first. Don’t apply vinegar in the heat of the day as the sun will help burn the leaves due to the strength of this natural product. I would start out with a 60/40 mixture. 60 water, 40 vinegar.

Too much product could be very potent to plants and your garden if used incorrectly. If mixed at a higher rate…It could very well harm the other plants as an unattended target…meaning your other plants. Make sure you use the solution that was outlined above.

Horticultural Vinegar

Vinegar is definitely so beneficial at eradicating garden pests that vinegar-sprays are now being factory-made exclusively for use in gardens and yards. These type of sprays are very strong, right at 1000 times the power of household vinegar, and eradicate  everything, including plants and insects. Use only on gardens that will not survive because of the strength of the manufactured vinegar..

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