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Vinegar in The Garden

Insect Garden Spray with Vinegar

Natural and Organic gardening is very beneficial.  Anytime you can avoid spraying pesticides that’s always a plus because chemicals are used on gardens all the time.  Insects are enemy number one to gardens.  However,  you can use organic pest control that includes vinegar to combat garden loving insects.

Vinegar Solutions for Insects

White Vinegar

There are a few vinegar’s used to eliminate pest in the garden.  White and apple vinegar are the main two. White vinegar is the go to vinegar when it comes to cleaning and using as pesticide. The apple cider vinegar that is red in color is less used. ..mainly because of its price.   Creating the solution of vinegar spray is fairly easy. You want to mix 3 parts water with one part white or red vinegar in a chemical rated spray bottle.  The most important part is adding the sufactant which is the dish washing detergent.  This acts as a carrier. Mix all ingredients well.

Pest Control White Vinegar

Vinegar spay is good for defending against all kinds of pest insects.  Ants are one of the favorite uses for vinegar. Slugs and moths are other garden invading pest that vinegar can help eliminate.  The best way to use the solution you just mixed is to spray the leaves lightly.  Test your solution on leaves first to make sure you don’t discolor your garden, especially on plants you hold as special.  You can also disrupt the ants trail by spraying the perimeter of the garden.  The spray interferes with the pheromone trail.

Vinegar the Weed Killer

Vinegar is also a weed killer when mixed 50/50 to water.  Spray this solution directly on the weeds.  Its also a grass killer too.  With that said, vinegar is very powerful to use in your garden. Remember, the vinegar solution is a weed killer, and pest eliminator.  Vinegar not properly mixed acts as a weed killer to your garden and can destroy all your prized vegetation.  If mixed correctly, you can remove unwanted insects in the garden.  Never increase vinegar strength without testing it first.

Vinegar in Horticulture

Vinegar is the one of the best natural solutions on the market to get rid of pest and plants.  It is so popular that vinegar is being manufactured across the country for yards and gardens.  The vinegar being manufactured is much stronger than household vinegar’s you can buy from the store.  It is safe to say that if you used the manufactured version of vinegar then this probably mean your garden is a lost cause.

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