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Spike of Rats During Coronavirus (BBC)

With the order to stay home amid the coronavirus virus, there are other problems that are manifesting, such as the sighting of more rats,  say experts.

It has been said that New Orleans French Quarter has been infested with rats since the stay at home order was placed. 

Because of the shut down of all the restaurants and bars, rats are coming out the wood works and they are hungry.

That more rodents were being spotted comes as no surprise to renowned urban rodentologist Robert Corrigan.

“When you have a colony of rats on a block that has been depending on tourists littering and lots of trash put out at night – it could be DC, it could be New York – anyplace where rats have been depending the easy handouts, and that disappears, then they don’t know what to do,” he says.

Since we are changing our habits, the rats simply are starving and do not know what to do since the food source is drying up.

Were there is a quarantine there will be problems with pest learning to adapt to the situation behind them.

Dr Corrigan, who has an office in Lower Manhattan, says he’s had messages from friends in the city who have seen rats in new areas and at odd hours for the usually nocturnal animals.

‘Masters of adaptation’

Rats territory can span over neighborhoods that will infest areas that have never seen rats before. “, Dr Corrigan told the BBC.

Rats have a great since of smell and can track food sources. If there is a barrier, they use they precision teeth to chew through doors, plastics and fabrics.


New Orleans has seen a rise in rat spotting as bars and restaurants close
New Orleans has seen a rise in rat spotting as bars and restaurants close


Why rats are unwanted house guests

Wandering, hungry rats can still wreak havoc, causing damage in homes and spreading disease.

“If you don’t check them with those [pest control] tools, they can be the ones that end up inside somebody’s home or bedroom or with children or inside a nursing home or hospital,” he says.

Rats are “officially associated with about 55 different pathogens”, though there have been no reports of rats carrying Covid-19.

They can also gnaw through wood and electrical wires – a danger for house fires.

Rats are coming out of hiding to seek food
Rats are coming out of hiding to seek food

How to keep rats out of homes

Exclusion is the best way to keep rats out. Inspect your home for holes on the exterior.  Check plumbing,  door gaps, chimneys, and other areas were rats can squeeze through. Rats can wiggle their way into gaps and holes as small as 1/2 inch.  And if the hole is not yet 1/2-inch big, the rat can gnaw at it until it is


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