Pest control in the Winter?

Should I Schedule Pest Control in The Winter?

Residential Pest Control- Natural Pest ControlOne question people as us is should we schedule pest control in the winter.  On sight it is cold, and snowy. However, it is a misconception that in the dead of the winter pest just roll over and die. Well, that is not the case. They don’t run, they look for warmth. In that case, warmth is your home. They want what you want. Mice and rats like to stay warm too. Kansas City area is full of wildlife and insect searching for a way to get warm. Truly Green Pest Control team will help you decide on the importance of pest control in the winter.





Common Pest in The Winter


Pest are in abundance year-round in In Kansas City.  When winter arrives, business owners and homeowners are bothered with these common pests:


  1. Rats and Mice:  These rodents can squeeze in a tiny opening or crack that they will use to get into your home. Attic cracks and crevices is vulnerable and can cause issues of rodents gnawing on wires, electrical wires and stinking up your insulation.
  2. Wood Destroying Insects: You would expect these insects such as Carpenter ants and termites to dwell outside. However, they inside the structure and you will not know until it is too late. When you see carpenter ants in the winter you have a problem with decaying wood, moist wood, or inside wall nesting
  3. Sealing your home: Exclusion is a big part of keeping insects out of your home. Truly Green Pest Control performs minor exclusion to seal up openings that is conducive for pest. Utility pipes is a great way for rodents to enter your home.
  4. Dormant type Insects: There are many insects that are escape artist of the cold weather. They hide during late fall and early winter to avoid the winter cold. Cluster flies, spiders, lady bugs, and box-elder bugs will not surface until spring.  When the weather is favorable in the spring, you may see them throughout your home.
  5. Spiders’ webs and nesting: During the cold months you definitely want to remove spider eggs and webs to prevent them from hatching during the spring. Spiders like corners and underlying surfaces. Removing the eggs and spider webs will prevent the cycle from re occurring.

How Does Truly Green Pest Control Prevent Winter Pest?

Our services are tailored for extreme winter conditions. Our services will be targeted for the interior of your home as this is where pest will harbor over winter.

Our technicians will look for any new openings in your home since our last visit. If you are a new customer, then the inspection will yield new entry issues for pest.  Rodent protection is needed during the initial visit and re-occurring visit.


Annual Winter Pest Control

Should I Schedule Pest Control in The Winter?

As you have read the article above, you realize that winter pest control is crucial to keep pest out of your home as the spring approaches. How may time have you heard that ” where did these bugs come from?”. The fact is they never left. Contact your Truly Green Pest Control to make sure you have a head start on the warmer months ahead.



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