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Tick Bite

How To Get Rid of Ticks

Ticks can transport an extremely range of human pathogens, such as bacteria, viruses, and protozoa. From the large list of human conditions brought on by ticks, a number of dangerous diseases stick out. Ticks live in wooded and bushy places. They cannot jump or fly in most cases climb onto a host from the ground, shrubbery, or low dangling branches.

Most ticks move through 3 stages in their lives and prey on a different host at every stage, while simultaneously collecting hitchhiking microbes within their blood mea


Ticks feed by inserting their mouth parts in to the skin of the host, and throughout that time, infections could possibly be transmitted. When attached to a host, ticks will normallyTick feed for 3-5 days. Generally only nymphs and adult female ticks have the ability to transmit most human tick-borne disease.

Lyme disease is brought on by bacteria ( Borrelia burgdorferi ). Deer ticks must be attached from 24-48 hours to transfer this disease. Very first symptoms generally begin 3 to 1 month soon after a person is bitten by an infected deer tick and may even have an expanding rash at the site of the bite and/or flu-like symptoms. If not treated, the bacteria can spread to just about any site in your body and may cause arthritis, neurological difficulties, and/or heart problems.

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