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What are termites?

Subterrranean termitesTermites are similar to ants in size and shape.  However, there is one distinct difference in termite identifications.  Termites does not have a middle waist, where as , ants have a middle wast equaling 3 segments. Termite wings are even were as ants wings are on even.

How much damage do termites cause?

Termites can cause a considerable amount of damage. Termites are like machines. They never sleep and keep consuming wood.  Termites have been documented by the NPMA to

Termite Damage

cause over $5 billion dollars in property damage every year.

Harmful termites consume wood from within along the grain, so damage usually is not that noticeable until it gets significant.  When the wood gives way, it may well reveal a hollowed-out honeycomb design.  Subterranean termites often swarm in hotter weather and after a rainfall shower to begin new colonies.  A termite colony could potentially cause undetected damage to your residence for many months.  Some species swarm during the night and they are attracted to light sources.  Other species will swarm in daylight, but all drywood termites have a tendency to swarm following rainfall at certain times of year.

Subterranean termite baits, which can be slow-acting pesticides consumed in the course of feeding and shared while in the colony, are commercially accessible in California.  Usually, bait is delivered inside cellulose or wooden matrix implanted using the active ingredient and installed underground at normal intervals around a structure.  Commercial bait items can also be found for above-ground use, where there isn’t any soil for in-ground station installment.  This technique of handling subterranean termites is quite interesting mainly because it does not need extensive site preparation, for example trenching, or comprehensive use of insecticides on the dirt or structure, and since the most efficient baits use insect growth regulators (IGRs) to control or eliminate the complete colony.  Subterranean termites, however, live in the ground in your yard. Building mud tubes from their network of nests, subterranean termite’s tunnel into your home and transport the wood in your home to the hungry termite population in their nests. While native subterranean termite colonies can number in the thousands, Formosan and Asian termites have many more mouths to feed; their termite colonies can do more extensive damage in less time than our native subterranean termites or drywood termites.


Truly Green Pest Control know about termite damage all to well.  We take termite damage seriously as your property is your prize possession.  Termite damage can get expensive.  We offer you two choices for termite treatment. 



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