Essential Oils

Natural and Organic Pest Control

With numerous of inorganic pesticides on the shelves of supermarkets, drug stores, and hardware stores, that ought to demonstrate just how much pesticide we’ve been pumping into society. Each and every year there’s media of a pesticide spillage that cause damage to the planet and drinking water supplies. Insects for example mosquitoes have been know to transmit diseases. We’re frequently required to place pesticides on our pores and skin to keep off unwanted pest.

At Truly Green Pest Control we’re experts in using essential oils for pest control. We have over 25 years of pest management underneath our belt. With this kind of understanding and the usage of essential oils and our botanical solutions we’ve created a winner. To learn more contact Truly Green Pest Control.

Lavender Oil:

Lavender oil is among my top picks when combating bed bugs. The scent is noxious to bed bugs but pleasurable to the user. Not merely bed bugs but all type of bugs. Lavender along with other organic solutions that Truly Green Pest Service use makes a win combination in order to keep your property free from pest.

Orange Oil Pest Control:

Orange oil is certainly one that stands high higher than many traditional pesticides. This essential oil can eliminate whole colonies of ants in addition to many other bugs…including bed bugs. D-limonene the primary inert ingredient is harmless to the consumer but hazardous towards insect by causing dehydration in addition to asphyxiation. It damages the wax-like covering on insects. By way of example: COCKROACHES

Rosemary Oil:

Rosemary provides a repellent. Which is potent towards the senses of pests. Rosemary will even manage flies, fleas and mosquitoes. Rosemary oil even is excellent in the control of cabbage looper  catepillar who destroys million dollars of plants every year.