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Running a business is very hard.  Accounting, payroll, employees and insurance is just a few things that you as a business owner have to deal with.  When it comes to pest control, it is never on the top of the list until you need it.  Imagine this:  You are running your restaurant and all of a sudden in the dining room you a hear a scream.   You are summon to a table of one of the customers.  The customer is irate and threatening to yelp you and call action news.  On the table , in a napkin is a dead roach…still twitching. 

You gasp and give your best pest speech.  The customer and her friends walk out.  Four to be exact that left.  As they say, each person knows at least 100 people. 100 times four is 400.  That’s how many people will avoid your business or yelp you.

This is why pest control is very important and should be at the top of your list.  Truly Green Pest Control has helped many business focus on their business rather than the nightmare of the pest.  We have over 30 years of experience in commercial account alone.  No residential.  We do commercial and we do it well.   


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