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Bug SprayPest is a normal part of life in your home.  So when you see roach in your home you may reach for store bought pesticide for immediate results.  Although you may get the result you were looking for, the spray that you just used can cause harm to you and your family.

Child safe pest control should be practiced because children are susceptible to the ingredients in pesticides.  Their bodies and immune systems have not fully developed yet.  Children resistances to pesticides are very low.  Kids are all over the place. They crawl and put things in their mouths.

You first thought is pest in my home is a danger to my family. Roaches have an allergen that my cause asthma and other allergies.  Mice in the home can be an issue. Droppings form mice can trigger the same allergens as roaches.  Mosquitoes and other flies can carry germs.

It seems like a no win situation but you can win the battle by implementing what we call IPM (integrated pest Management).
Esssential Oils

Although it is not guaranteed to get rid of all pest, we can keep them at an level which will keep your environment comfortable.  We implement essential oils based products to keep pest out of your home.  We are an Alternative for toxic pesticides.   We will implement these procedures when we visit your home .

IPM Programs

These IPM principles and practices are combined to create IPM programs. While each situation is different, six major components are common to all IPM programs:

  1. Pest identification
  2. Monitoring and assessing pest numbers and damage
  3. Guidelines for when management action is needed
  4. Preventing pest problems
  5. Using a combination of biological, cultural, physical/mechanical and chemical management tools
  6. After action is taken, assessing the effect of pest management