Green Pest Control for Schools

Young Children are very active during school with playing, crawling, and picking  up things. Children at this age are very inquisitive.   This is one of the reasons that so many schools  trust Truly Green Pest Services with their children’s safety when it comes to pest control.

Pesticides have been needed for years to control pest.  We have used pesticide in schools in the past.  How ever, the EPA now recommends that Schools go with more of a green approach to solving pest issues (Integrated Pest Management)

Truly Green Pest Services can design an effective IPM program for  your school or daycare. We provide green pest service and we will inspect your property for free and give you a detailed report on the best pest control solutions.

Put simply, IPM is a safer, and usually less costly option for effective pest management in a school community.

Here is a check list  that Truly Green Pest Service can help your school with:

You can make sure that:

  • The problem or pest is identified before taking action.
  • Vegetation, shrubs and wood mulch should be kept at least one foot away from structures.
  • Cracks and crevices in walls, floors and pavement are either sealed or eliminated.
  • Lockers and desks are emptied and thoroughly cleaned at least twice yearly.
  • Food-contaminated dishes, utensils, surfaces are cleaned by the end of each day.
  • Garbage cans and dumpsters are cleaned regularly.
  • Litter is collected and disposed of properly at least once a week.
  • Fertilizers should be applied several times (e.g.,spring, summer, fall) during the year, rather than one heavy application.
  • If pesticides are necessary, use spot treatments rather than area-wide applications.


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Natural and Organic

Don’t expose our kids to toxic pesticides. Use Truly Green Pest Control to remove unwanted pest. Keep your kids safe.