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Pavement Ants Around My Kansas City Home

pavement ants infesting a patioYou have probably seen ant fights.  Mandibles locked on each other.  A fight to the death. Intriguing it is until you see hundreds of ants in the cracks of your side walk. It is actually an erie  site to see.  This is were they get the name of pavement ants.  They love to nest under the cement.  Brilliant huh?  We cant get to them as easy as the other ants.   Driveways, patios,  and foundations of homes.  These ants are not like the others. They prefer areas were concrete is vast with no vegetation.   These ants are the most prevalent ants in the USA.   You want to see action…watch them defend their colony because they are territorial. Their colony can grow by the tens of thousands.

What do they Look Like?

Pavement ant come in different colors such as brown or black in color.  They are not a long ant and have segmented antennae.  If you look closely at the ants you will notice groves on their heads and abdomens.  And, they have hairs on their bodies.

The ants are aggressive against other ant colonies, but not against humans. As a matter affect they are docile little creatures.  Sounds nice however, they can destroy food or contaminate food sources.  They are attracted to sweet foods such as honeydew, breads, cheeses, seeds and even insects.  And of course, don’t leave you pet food out.  Basically, any food is appetizing to the pavement ant.

Unfortunately, the ants love food in your home.  Because of that, you will likely see them in the kitchen and pantry of your home. Your pantry may be clean but the ants are dirty. They can contaminate the food in your pantry leaving behind bacteria and pathogens.  These ants are hard to get rid of next to the carpenter ant.  They can grow their colonies very quickly.  Not only do the concrete make them hard to get rid of, but the ability to burrow deep down in the soil makes them much more difficult to eradicate.

If you want to get ahead of the pavement ants, you need to be proactive and get them before they get you and enter your home.  The following tips will help you with the pavement ants.


  • Eliminate anything stacked or piled up against the house as pavement ants and other pests can use them to successfully access your home.
  • Get rid of standing water and excess moisture around the home. This includes keeping pipes and other water-producing things dry and clean.
  • Maintain cleanliness. This means cleaning up food on the kitchen floor or keeping food sealed up tight so pavement ants cannot get inside.
  • Regularly take out the trash and keep it stored in tightly sealed garbage cans.
  • Repair any torn door screens and window screens where pavement ants can gain entry.
  • Seal up cracks and spaces around your house so pavement ants cannot get in. This includes cracks in the foundation, basement floor, wall, concrete slabs, etc.
  • Trim back any grass, bushes and vegetation near the house so pavement ants don’t come into contact with the house.

If you need Ant Control in Kansas City and surrounding areas, call Truly Green Pest Control today to help with your ant problem before there are too many.

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