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Know the Difference Between Hornet and Wasp

Can You Tell The Difference Between Wasp & Hornets in Kansas City

Hornet vs Wasp

OK… this is confusing for most of you.  Hornets are actually wasp.  On the flip-side, all wasp are not title as hornets.  Follow me?  Hornets are subspecies of wasp.  Enough of the biology 101 talk .  Lets get to the differences

How to Identify Wasps and Hornets

Just like other insects there are a lot of wasp out there…to the tune of thousands of different species.  Not all of them look alike in appearance.   Most of the hornet bear a resemblance in color like  brown and bright yellow. Hornets are more robust around the waist than wasp, were as, wasp have the cute little thin waist.  One thing is for sure…the sting will mess you up. Wasp or Hornet , it doesn’t matter.  With that said…do you want them in and around your home?

Wasp: What You Need to Know

First of all, wasp may be intimidating, however, they are very essential to our ecosystem.  Without the wasp we would have an abundance of other insects around us.  On top of that beneficial asset, they pollinate plants like the bees do. So do we really want to remove them?

The wasp are not beneficial when they become a pest to humans. What constitute pest?  When they are to close to your home. Wasp are aggressive and will attack you without notice.  Not only will they pop you with their sting…they will come back for more.  So yes, they can sting you a few times.  People are allergic to stings, particularly the venom in the stings.   The stings can be fatal. Therefore wasp should b e removed from your home and surroundings if you want to enjoy your home.

Keep Wasp Away From Your Yard

As mentioned above, wasp serve the planet well. I said planet, not you! For that reason you want to keep the wasp away from your home for your safety as well as your families safety.  Keep these tips in mind when  you want to keep a wasp free home:

  • Keep trees and bushes trimmed back from the exterior of your home.
  • Fix any holes in screen windows and doors.
  • Seal possible cracks and wasp entryways from around your windows and doors.
  • Cap your chimneys and repair any holes in your roof and broken roof shingles.

These simple tips will help you enjoy your home all summer long!

Protect Your Home From Wasps

When you follow the above steps for controlling wasp, it is important to note that you may not be doing enough.  Wasp nest around your Kansas City home can be dangerous.  Don’t try to do it yourself .  Call Truly Green Pest Control take-care of the wasp problem for you.

Truly Green Pest Control handles stinging pest on a daily basis.  We have bee suits and other essential equipment to remove the wasp safely.