Pest issues emerge every once in a while that may expect you to look for help controlling the pest from an expert. It very well may be overwhelming to pick a pest control organization. Try not to hurry into a choice. Think about contacting a few organizations before choosing one. Regardless of whether your pest issue is an emergency, set aside some effort to search for a respectable and proficient organization that satisfies your guidelines.


While choosing a nuisance the board proficient, consider assessing organizations on these key regions:



Do the pest control experts have current licenses? Is the permit the right arrangement for the activity? You can confirm authorizing by calling your state pesticide administrative office.

How does the organization keep their staff educated regarding changes in guidelines, items, procedures and wellbeing?

Do they utilize Integrated Pest Management procedures?

Do they have an entomologist on staff? (Not really needed)



How long has the organization been doing business?

Do recently recruited employees train with increasingly experienced employees?

What amount experience does the organization have with issues like yours?


Ask relatives, companions, associates, or neighbors for reviews.

Get estimates for one or more companies, however, don’ base on price alone.

Contact BBB, however, not all companies are registered with the BBB

Ask to review references, however, remember the list is confidential


Company Value

Get estimate or bid in writing.  Most offer free bids over the phone?

Compile estimates from more than one company.

Does the company requires contracts or no contract?

Is the organization ready to give an assurance to their work? What are the terms?


Client Customer Service

Do the workers tune in to your interests and address them with care and regard?

Can the workers distinguish the pest, clarify the degree of the infestation, and give insights concerning the pest and its conduct?

Will the company disclose product usage and provide you with labels at your request?


Safety for You

Will the company offer low toxicity options for your safety?

In case of property damage, do the company have adequate liability coverage?

Does the company demonstrate safety in wearing proper gear in pesticide disposal and usage?

What plan of action is in place for accidental exposure to you and your property?

As you contact and meeting the organizations, don’t be hesitant to pose inquiries. Instruct yourself about the irritation and your choices for treatment.


You have your Pest Control company selected and now follow these tips:

  • Company contact information
  • Technician names and license numbers
  • Times job started and finished
  • Product name and EPA registration number
  • Will the product be used interior or exterior?  Is it a gel, granule or spray?
  • List of what your responsibilities are before the technician arrives
  • Precautionary statement on what to do if there is accidental contact and a number on who to call

Truly Green Pest Control requires successful communication between you and the technician. We want everyone to be safe.  Any questions, contact us today for immediate help or questions for your education.