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How to Prevent Yellow Jackets From Invading Your Kansas City Lawn

Prevent Yellow Jackets From Invading Your Kansas City  Lawn

Spring is in the air and summer will come. You spend a lot of your time working on your garden so you can enjoy the fruit of your labor on the warm summer days. However, with pretty green landscaping comes a trade off. You may experience a flood of yellow jackets who also like nice things such as your lawn.  That oasis you build can soon become a habitat for yellow jackets , making your outdoor experience a nightmare.  We will give you information on keeping yellow jackets at bay…

a stinging insect on a leaf

What Do They Look Like?

Yellow Jacket bodies tell the tale. The body are yellow and black. Their heads can be yellow and black and black patterns over their abdomen.  Like most insects, they have six legs and a pair of antennae that point down in the front of their face. They have two pair of wings that are transparent.  For their protection they have stingers at the tip of their abdomen.

Are Yellow Jackets Beneficial?

These insects are beneficial and in some-cases not beneficial.  They  really don’t pollinate as well as the other pollinators, such as bees.  They look like a version of a bee but that’s not really their purpose.  

They help in different ways such as preserving your garden.  How?  They are our six leg pest control insect. They keep your garden clean of pest such as: aphids, caterpillars, and other insects that can destroy your garden and crops.

What Problems Do They  Cause?

These pesky insects can be happy in your garden as long as they know its theirs. If you should stumble across these insects, you will find that they are highly aggressive.  If you get into their territory, they will feel threatened and sting with a serious punch.  They are and  can stick you multiple times. What really makes them different, they can bite as well as sting at the same time.

Lots of people have allergic reactions to insect bites and stings. Because of that, they are  beneficial to people who have allergic reactions that could lead to seizures are possible death if not treated quickly.

How To Prevent Them From Invading Your Lawn?

There are a few things you can do to stop them from infesting your Kansas City Lawn.  You can implement these step for immediate reduction of these wasp.

You probably don’t see them  during the winter because they die.  The queen is left to carry on year after year.  You will see your yellow jacket as early as spring. She will buzz around your yard looking to lay her eggs and build her nest.  When this happens…then you begin the steps below to stop the problem before the problem begins.

  • Keep your outdoor garbage bins tightly covered and empty them frequently. They enjoy eating meats and sweets. If they have a chance to grab a meal from your garbage cans, they’ll want to stay close by.
  • Avoid using scented perfumes, lotions, and soaps because they are attracted to sweet smells.
  • Check your doors and windows to ensure that all screens are in place and undamaged. Even small holes or tears could allow yellow jackets to get into your living space.
  • Thoroughly clean up after an outdoor meal. Leaving scraps of food out will encourage yellow jackets to spend time on your lawn.

Already Invaded Your Lawn?

Although we outlined away to curve the outbreak of Yellow Jackets, you may not succeed.  The nest can produce an army of these wasp…numbering in the thousands. You need to be prepared. The best way to get prepared is to hire someone who deals with stinging insects on a regular basis. If you should run across these insects on your property, contact Truly Green Pest Service.  We have the tools and knowledge remove these pest yellow jackets so you may enjoy your yard in time for your first lounge in your backyard. 

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