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House Flies In Kansas City

What You Need To Know To Keep Flies Out Of Your Kansas City Home This Summer

house fly in Kansas CitySummer is on the way with a vengeance. With warm weather there is barbecue and a lot more outdoor activities. Activities come with a price to pay.  In and out of your backdoor, garage doors, and open windows for extra fresh clean air. Summer also is the time of season were flies will begin to increase. They will look for activities that you enjoy as well. Flies in Kansas City can be a huge problem, so if you follow a few tips before summer is in full force, you will win the battle against flies.


Flies In Kansas City

When it comes to flies, the house fly is the most common of all the flies. They are in abundance during the summer months. House flies range in size from 4 to 8mm. the size of a figure nail.  Colors of the fly can be dark grey or black. Some flies have bluish and copper tint , like the blow fly and bottle fly. The house fly has clear wings.

Horse flies are common around farms and organic material waste. This type of fly will bite. Horse stables are notorious for having flies that bite, and they even bite humans.  The wings are brown and tan with black bodies. They are larger than the house fly. 26mm.

The Hazard of Flies

Flies pose a public health risk. Despite what people may say, flies like hanging around poop and landing on objects that carry many germs. They leave behind pathogens footprints. The poop they land on can end up on our food. And the way the eat our food is by vomiting on it and to make the food digestible. This is probably the most singe action that could lead to food disease.


Tips on  Flies In Your Home

Flies are hard to handle when there is food all around. Also, flies like to shelter indoors when giving the opportunity.  Flies can smell rotted and fresh meat. Yes, it’s true. A fly could smell meat over that distance, although only under very, very favorable conditions. Follow these tips to prevent flies from invading your home.

  • Keep lids on trash can after dumping trash
  • Make sure trash bags are sealed tight…any opening will attract flies.
  • Make sure to remove animal waste immediately i
  • Wash trash cans immediately
  • Keep windows closed if there are now screens

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