How To Get Rid of Blow Flies

blow fly
Blow flies

There are numerous blow flies. They are notable by their metallic looking, blue and green abdomens. Bottle flies are known as blue bottle flies and green bottle flies depending on the color. The bottle fly differs from house flies due to their size. They rumble through the air, were as the house fly… flies effortlessly.

The adult fly is a strong flyer and attracted to breeding sites from long distances. Blow flies maggots develop in in cheese, eggs, meat, fish dead animals and droppings from dogs and other animals. In Kansas and Missouri the leading cause of blow flies is usually found in dog and cat manure.

Do Blow Flies Cause Disease?

Blow flies will carry disease just like the house fly. The chances of them spreading a disease is low because they are reluctant to come inside.

How to prevent Blow Flies:

  1. Clean droppings from your Animals

    Blow flies and house flies love pet droppings. Clean Area

  2. Seal Attics

    Make sure attic is sealed. Dead Rodents and bird nest attracts blow flies.

  3. Garbage Cans

    Make sure garbage bins are cleaned. They are attracted to garbage and can breed in the organic material.