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Do Dryer Sheets repel Mosquitoes?

Do Dryer Sheets Keep Mosquitoes Away?

You may here that people use dryer sheets to repel mosquitoes.  Does it repel?  Yes it does drive them away…to another part of your body. When you use products for certain things like mosquitoes, it is important to read the label. Dry sheets certainly does not contain wording that talks about repelling mosquitoes. This is one reason to be cautious of what you put on your skin.  Besides, you want the mosquitoes gone. Here what I found out about dryer sheets and those pesky biting mosquitoes.


Dryer Sheets and Mosquitoes

Repelling Properties

According to Kansas State University study, researchers examined the efficacy of dryer sheets against insects. After hundreds of test on the insects the study concluded that  the repelling properties within the sheets were linalool, benzyl acetate, beta-citronellol and hedione. So what is this compound that you are putting on your body?


 Journal of Vector Ecology, researchers found that linalool diffusers deterred mosquitoes by 93%. However, researchers from the Center for Medical, Agricultural, and Veterinary Entomology found opposing results. Linalool demonstrated a mild to weak repellency against yellow fever mosquitoes. As so, researchers concluded that the efficacy of linalool may depend greatly on the environment, as well as the makeup of the substance and the exact species.


Citronella is the go to product for  outdoors mosquito repellents. When people think of mosquitoes they think citronella. Now hold on! You think citronella works? Well you are right. It does work, However, it only works for up to 20 minutes or less. After that, you are dinner. Citronella will provide quick relief from the mosquitoes. Short term relief may be good for relaxing for 20 minutes are so…but any longer the mosquitoes will continue to pester you. So, you better BBQ fast!.


You probably smelled jasmine before, a popular fragrance that is in incense and other spray fragrances.  It is a shrub in the olive family.  There is no study on jasmine. Without the study we can conclude that it is not an effective treatment for repelling mosquitoes. In an experiment from the International Journal of Mosquito Research.  Their research showed that olive oil has repellancy  when combined with vera gel. This mostly used to soothe irritated skin.


Dryer Sheets are cute. They will not offer the protection you need long term. To  reduce mosquito populations around your home, schedule an appointment with Truly Green Pest Control. Our mosquito program is natural and registered as an exempt product. Other words it is certified as green . and works immediately. Safe around kids and pets! 

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