Cockroaches In Kansas City Homes


Roach Extermination Kansas CityCockroaches are one of the oldest species in the world. They date back 300 million years and more. The fact that they have been around this long shows the adaptability they have to adjust to environments that may come their way. This why they are so hard to eradicate. These elusive insects can transmit disease mechanically.  In your kitchen they contaminate food and kitchen utensils with excrement and salivary secretions that leave an unpleasant odor. If that’s not enough they can leave allergic reactions in humans and also be known to cause asthma. The allergic reaction is not due to the smell but because of the body parts. It is very important to clean as much as possible and not leave caucuses behind from extermination


Biology and Behavior

Natural Roach ExterminationCockroaches go through three stages.  This is called gradual metamorphosis. Egg, nymph and adult. The capsules that you become familiar with are called oothecae that contain the eggs. Depending on the species of cockroach, these eggs can be dropped in a secluded spot.They can even be glued on the undersides of furniture.  You may see roaches carrying the capsule protruding from the abdomen until they are ready to hatch.

When you turn your lights on at night you may see cockroaches scurrying for cover. That is because they are nocturnal. If you see them in the daylight its because they are disturbed or the population is at infestation stage. You can find most roaches in dark moist areas and around food areas, especially in your kitchen. They can be anywhere such as door frames , dresser drawers,  loose baseboards, tables, chairs and equipment in restaurants or home.

Cockroaches love to feed on plant and animal products, including meat and grease, starchy foods, sweets, baked goods and anything unprotected in the kitchen. Wall paper and paste are not safe from roaches.