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What You Need To Know About The Most Common Roaches In Kansas City

You turn on the lights in the kitchen and right before your eyes you see a cockroach. Not just one but a few. It scurries across the floor and up under the stove. Just imagine. While you were sleep they were on your kitchen counter spreading diseases and bacteria. Not only do they spread disease they spread allergens. Roaches are one of the top insects that disgust you to you pass out.  In our service area, we see these 3 most common roaches. 

German Cockroaches (Blattella Germanica)

Roach ExterminatorGerman Cockroaches are the most prevalent roach on the planet. This roach can shut down a restaurant as well as infest your home by the hundreds. These roaches can get into areas other insects cannot fit.  This why they thrive in cracks and crevices of areas in your home.


The German cockroach is an almond shaped, tan insect with two antennae and six legs. Its most distinguishable characteristic is the two parallel black lines on the back of its head. This roach has spines on its legs, but they are not as noticeable as the spines of the American cockroach, mostly because of the size difference between these two cockroaches. German cockroaches are only about ⅝ of an inch long when they are fully grown.

Diet: This is a cockroach that likes sweet things. It will be the first roach to run for a pastry or nibble on the toothpaste left on your toothbrush. It also enjoys starches from less recognizable sources, like books and wallpaper paste.

Where do German cockroaches live? These cockroaches prefer kitchens and bathrooms because of the increased moisture and warmth, but they can be found anywhere in a home or business.

American Cockroaches (Periplaneta Americana)

The American Cockroach also known as the Pimento bug is the largest roach in Kansas City. These roaches get very big that they qualify for contest in certain parts of America. The largest roach contest generates a handsome prize to the winner of the largest roach. 

Identification: American cockroaches range from 1 ⅜ of an inch to 2 ⅛ of an inch in length. They are oval shaped bugs with reddish-brown, slimy shells, two antennae, and six legs that have noticeable thorn-like spines that are used for feeling surfaces. These roaches can also be distinguished by the light yellowish-orange, sideways eight on the tops of their backs, near the head.

Diet: There are very few things the American cockroach won’t eat. It eats proteins (mostly dead bugs and animals), as well as vegetables and plants.

Where do American cockroaches live? These cockroaches like areas that are dark and warm. They are also attracted to wetness and locations that have high humidity. This will bring them into moist heated basements, humid storage areas, and warm areas in kitchens.

Oriental Cockroaches (Blatta Orientalis)

Oriental CockroachThe Oriental Cockroach gets its name form Africa. Its a pretty big roach too. However the American roach is the largest. This roach is the nastiest roach on the planet. It hangs out in sewer lines eating and hanging around poop.  You don’t want this roach climbing around your home and counter tops. However if you see them…they would be most likely on their backs.  They live in humidity…sewers!

Identification: Oriental cockroaches are large, pill-shaped, black, shiny cockroaches that look like they’re wearing armor. Some Oriental cockroaches have developed wings that cover most of their back, but they don’t fly.

Diet: While all cockroaches enjoy eating rotting organic matter, this is a roach that loves its trash and wet organic matter.

Where do Oriental cockroaches live? These cockroaches prefer sewers, wet places, wet decaying things, and cold temperatures. They are usually found in wet or humid basements, crawlspaces, and under wet leaves and damp firewood.

If you are finding cockroaches in your home or business and you live in our extensive service area of Kansas City, Overland Park, and Olathe Kansas  take action and get Truly Green Pest Control. We’ll help you get those cockroaches out and keep them out.

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