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Bumblebees: Thing to know about Bumblebees.

Exactly What Do Bumblebees Look Like?

Bumbles Bees

  • Color: Bumblebees will come in yellow and black. Very hairy and appearance that is fuzzy.
  • Size: Very big bees which can be large can mature to an inches long
  • Legs: Bumblebees have growth on the hine legs to help carry pollen they gather.
  • Body: Female bumblebees have a stinger and a pointed stomach, while men don’t have a stinger while having a abdomen that is rounded.


How Bumblebees find my Home?

Bumble Bee queens will overwinter during the winter months. You usually find them floating around at ground level. You see holes in the ground and think they did the work, when in fact they, borrow nest from abandoned rat burrows or any other rodent that leave their home unattended.

Exactly What Truly Green Pest Control Does

Bumble bees are beneficial to our society. It is against the law to kill bees in most states, however, when they become a pest then you have to take measures to remove. them. Bees, at times can be deadly. As a result, they must be removed.

The first thing an exterminator must do in conduct a through investigation of your property. We must make sure that there is only one nest.

We will walk the property and seal all entrances to prevent bees from entering your home. Oh, by the way, wear a Bee Suit.

In case of an unexpected attack, you should always be prepared with the proper gear on and wasp or hornet nest if you need to defend yourself. After hearing what I just said, you probably want to hire a professional exterminator.

What Truly Green Pest Control Does

We do not advocate killing bees because they are very important to our ecosystem. They pollinate our flours. Imagine a world without flours. That’s what will happen if you destroy the bees.

  • An inspection to find the nest is important. Make sure there is only one nest
  • Seal all holes and nest openings. Make sure to wear protective clothing designed for bee removal.
  • Taking precautions to avoid locations that are close to the nest.
  • Use an insecticide labeled for wasp or hornets to dust the entrances. Dust and treat the nest as the sun goes down.

As we mentioned earlier that Bumble bees don’t work to build homes. They find nest that have been passed on or abandoned. Because of that, be-careful moving around the area were bumble bees have been observed until the are is fully inspected.

Truly Green Pest Control will devise a program to help remove the bees from your property in the most natural and organic way possible. That also mean eliciting the help of a bee keeper if necessary.

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