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Spiders in The Winter…In Kansas City

Spiders In The Winter

Spiders can live year round in the Midwest, especially in Kansas City home. Winter condition can effect spiders. However, spiders will move indoors. They are not dumb. Your house has the warmth and that is where they will thrive. That’s not great news if you were hoping for them to die off as the cold weather settled in. Your best bet for getting rid of spiders is prevention and professional pest control.

What Does the Common Household Spider Look Like?


Funnel Web SpiderAmerican house spiders or very common in Kansas City, and Overland Park, Kansas.  You will notice they come in different sizes and shapes.  You probably notice cobwebs in your home associated with these spiders. Better known as the cobweb spiders which usually construct webs in places like attics, basements, rooms, and corners.  However, to you, a spider is a spider and it must go. Some spiders need to vacate as quickly as others do to the dangerous venomous bite it can inflict..

How do Spiders Get In My Home?


The reality of keeping spiders out of your your home is slim if you are not on a pest control program. Our a DIY program which you still need stay on a schedule. Spiders can get into your home through a small gap in the door. In addition they can squeeze through window seals, attach to firewood, and even crawl through plumbing. Good old fashion house cleaning will keep spiders out. However, there are spiders that need attention quickly such as brown recluse. You heard what they can do to your pretty face!

What Are Some Ways to Prevent House Spider Invasions?

  • Spiders hide in wood and yard debris. It is best that you clean up
    and remove these areas to reduce the presence of spiders around your
  • Spiders follow their food, so if you have insects in your home or around it, spiders will follow.
  • Spiders can get in through small holes. Repairing screens, using
    door sweeps, and insulating and sealing your home can help keep them
  • Eliminate clutter inside your home, especially in attics, basements,
    and storage areas. This can attract spiders as it gives them places to
  • If you notice many spiders, it may be because the house is too moist. Use a dehumidifier to lower moisture levels.

What’s the Best Solution for Eliminating Spiders?


You can get rid of spiders yourself, however, the best way is to Hire a professional exterminator…Truly Green Pest Service will evaluate your property and identify areas where spiders can get in. We’ll take care of any current pest problems and help you develop a plan for all the other pest that spiders like to hang around. We are here when you need us to help you battle any spiders you may encounter.

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