Boric Acid and Ants

Boric Acid and Ants…Does it Work?

Boric Acid and AntsAnts in and around your home can be difficult to get rid of. There are many remedies for getting rid of ants and most home owners have tried them all. When it comes down to it at the end of the day, you should leave it to a professional exterminator to eradicate your ants.  Pest management professionals know how to apply products to get rid of your ants effectively.

When homeowners seek to remove ants themselves, they often go to boric acid.. Boric acid is one of the most used products on the internet, and it appears to be the cure all for an abundance of insects. To your surprise, boric acid has to be calibrated right and used with the right equipment. And if its not…then your dollars go down the drain.  You can buy ready made products for ants that has boric acid. However, making pesticide out of boric acid is where a lot of homeowners go wrong if they try to make it themselves.

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Here is what wrong with Boric:

  • Mixing boric acid with the wrong food can repel ants. Make sure when you make your bait that it is moist for the ant.
  • Getting the right mixture of boric acid is important. Wrong mix then the ants could die before returning to the nest. Not enough boric then the ants won’t die. To much then the ants will simply not eat it.
  • Although the boric acid is thought to be natural, they can be harmful to pets and kids. Make sure you clean or discard the container you mix in. Keep product locked away in a chemical cabinet.
  • Boric acid may take the longest period of activity to reduce the ant population. You have to be patient. You may not see the results for a while. Ants take patience to get rid of.
  • Boric Acid is not advised to use on soil and plants. Boric acid fertilizes and sterile the soil and acts as a drying agent on plants, thus, killing them.
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