Big Headed Ant

Big Headed Ants are seen year round in certain parts of the country, especially in the tropics. They are seen on trails and in residence.  This particular ant nest in soil and mulch or under stones, logs and other debris. 

Adults feed on living and dead insects and on honeydew collected from sap sucking insects;   Indoors they forage for sweets, proteins, and fats. Winged reproductives swarm in the summer. Mature colonies spread into mega colonies with multiple queens and satellite nest. This species can bite readily.

Big-headed Ant Facts

  • Appearance: Big-headed ants get their name from the appearance of the major workers – they have very large heart shaped heads in relation to their bodies. The front half of the major’s head is sculptured, while the back half is smooth and shiny.
  • Colony types: Every colony of big-headed ants has two distinct types of workers: major workers and minor workers.
  • Color: Light brown to reddish brown to nearly black
  • Size: Slender waist  with two small knobs. Major workers are about 1/8 inch and minor workers are 1/16 inch.