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Know This About Bed Bugs?



Bed Bugs and Disease?


Disease is a common conclusion after the sighting on your bed are suitcase.  However, this insect may not pack the punch you think.

Bed bugs are everywhere you can imagine.  The supreme hitch hiker. They love to travel first class in jets, yachts and trains. They know how to get around.  They don’t care if you are clean or dirty. They don’t discriminate. They just like your blood.  Dude, if you live in a sewer or Trump tower…they want your blood. Movie theaters…yes! What ever you have in mind…yes!

Can bed bugs spread disease?

You would think that anything such as a bed bug who drinks blood will have an infectious diseases.   To clarify,  bed bugs  do not carry disease. They carry the ability to make  you go crazy.  You will have emotional trauma and lose sleep for days.  That’s what these insects can do to you.   Check out the experts at New Mexico State University article and link below.  Do they carry disease?

“New Mexico State University have investigated the ability of bed bugs to carry Trypanosoma cruzi, the protozoan that causes Chagas disease, and report their findings in a new article published Friday in the Journal of Medical Entomology. “

The researches at New Mexico State concluded that after feeding bed bugs infected blood they did not pass the disease through the bite but through the feces.  So scratching and leaving an abrasion is most likely to contract a infection  as a result of the infected feces.

How to treat  and prevent Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are treated in a number of ways by a professional exterminator. That’s probably the best way to handle bed bugs.  In conclusion, to prevent bed bugs follow a few rules to keep you free of this nasty little insect. For example try this:

  • Stay away from used furniture
  • Keep your home clean as possible
  • Wash all clothing from thrift stores
  • Keep a bright flashlight to inspect
  • Check luggage’s after trips
  • Inspect hotel or motel rooms.