Ants That Bite and Sting

Ant Stings and Bites


Do Ants Bite-Truly Green Pest controlAnt stings with many different types of ants have been known to bite, the main reactions are bought on due to the sting and the ensuing injectant of t the sting. Additionally, harvester ants and fire ants can pose a medical threat because their target is stung multiple times and could cause serious injury to the target or even death.


What are the symptoms of ant stings? Most of the stings are small and irritating and will go away…much like a shot in the or like at your clinic. It usually subsides in minutes to an hour. Yet some stings will leave a swelling and bruise marks that are reddish in color around where the sting was injected.  Depending on if you are allergic to stings or if you are young or older, your body may react differently to the ant venom. At the extreme symptom, anaphylaxis may happen.


An allergen that is introduced into your body by a sting may result in anaphylaxis, a potentially life-threatening reaction. The reaction to the sting may come quickly and pose signs like, wheezing, sneezing, nausea, hives, diarrhea, vomiting, dizziness, anxiety, breathing issues, itching, tightness in the chest, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, fatigue, eye swelling, lip swelling. Seek medical advice immediately without question. This article is not medical advice. 

Why do they sting?

Like most insects they will sting for a couple of reasons: They enter protection mode to guard their nest or out trying to incapacitate their prey for consumption, rendering the much larger prey useless against the venom injected. Because your pets are in yards and parks, they are subject to the sting as well. If your pet gets stung you will see notable signs of irritation, like holding one of the paws off the ground are limping in pain as if it stepped on a nail. Still another sign is licking of the paws. When you inspect your pet look for bumps that are hairless, like on the belly or behind the ears.




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