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10 Things To Know about Ground Hogs

Groundhogs are one of the largest rodents around. They are also called woodchucks.  They are in the squirrels family, basically, a giant square. The groundhog is best know as the weather predictor. If it sees its shadow the winter is not over. Don’t back on that science.

Groundhog ShadowSize

Groundhogs have been known to grow 17.75 to 24 inches (45 to 61 centimeters) long, and that’s according to  the National Geographic. For a squirrel 13 lbs. (6 kilograms) is very heavy. That is bigger than a newborn infant.  Squirrels have tales and so do the ground hog. Their tales are just like squirrels and grow 7 to 9.75 in (18 to 25 cm) long. 

The groundhogs look like an oversize rat that can stand on it back legs to survey its surroundings.  Just like a bear. The claws on these large squirrels are sharp and their teeth grow to a whopping sixteenth of an inch (1.6 millimeters) every week. These sharp teeth help prepare them for the winter months of hibernating by eating a lot of food in the ground and above.






10 Things You Need To Know About Groundhog

  1. Groundhogs like bears are hibernators. They stuff themselves with food in the summer months and hibernate during the winter months
  2. Groundhogs can metabolize their temperature when hibernating. Their temp can move from 100 degrees. to a whooping 37 degrees.
  3. While hibernating, the woodchuck heart beat can beat at 5  beats per minute from 80 beats per minute.
  4. During the hibernation period their breathing can slow to 2 breaths per minute from 18 breaths per minute
  5. Because the groundhog can control it’s metabolism, it will only lose up to a fourth of body weight.
  6. During the summer and spring months a ground hog can scarf down a pound of vegetation on one eating. Imagine eating a 15lb steak. if you weighed only 140llbs.
  7. You would think that the appetite of this huge squirrel will wear down it’s lower and upper incisors. The teeth grow each week, sixteenth of an inch.
  8. It’s important for the groundhogs to keep their teeth aligned. The incisors grind constantly against each other. Out of alignment incisors could be fatal to the ground hog as they will grow to long an possibly impale the ground hog with possible fatal consequences.
  9. The burrows of a woodchuck can be deep as 6 to 10 feet and can be as deep as 20 feet are more. That is very deep.  Like most rodents …they have two are more entrances.
  10. The burrow is the main source of protection for the groundhog. These groundhogs can only move up to 7 mph and their predator is usually much faster, like a fox he hit speeds up to 25mph.


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We use a number of methods to get rid of the ground hog including:

  1. Live Trap for catching large wildlife
  2. Devise to create noise in the nesting area.
  3. Smoke in the burrows
  4. Strong smell such as ammonia.
  5. Natural means such as garlic
  6. Exclusion to keep them out



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