How to Get Rid of House Crickets

House Crickets

House crickets are one of the most famous crickets throughout the United States. They are abundant in Kansas City and Overland Park, Ks. They lack a dormancy period. They are popular for raising in captivity and are used for fish baits and pet food. As a result, that is why we see so many of them through out Kansas and MO.

When around your home you see them under rocks and landscapes. They can multiply fast. The chirping noise they give off is to attract female crickets for mating.

Remove Crickets from Your Home

Catch them with cricket bait. This easy method for luring crickets from corners and crevices is the most effective immediate solution.[1]

  • Place a few spoonfuls of molasses in a shallow bowl, and fill it halfway up with water. Set the bowl in the room where you have a cricket problem. Crickets love molasses, and they’ll hop into the bowl when they smell it. Empty the bowl frequently.
  • Chemical cricket bait is sold in hardware stores, and uses the same basic method to catch crickets. If you use this type of bait, make sure your family and pets don’t go near it, since it is toxic.
Cut back vegetation. Crickets build their nests in tall grasses and other vegetation. Keep your plants trimmed back and your lawn mowed so they won’t have a place to nest.
  • Make sure grass-like plants are several feet from your house, so crickets that might nest there don’t have easy access to your home.
  • Trim back ivy and other ground cover.
  • Wood piles, mulch piles, and compost piles should be located well away from your house.
  • Check your drains and roof gutters for leaves and other plant debris that might have piled up. Crickets often nest in these areas.

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